Transfer an iOS app

Transfer an iOS app

Your app was published to the account of the developer or the agency that made it, but you want to get it back to your company account. No problem, just follow the transfer procedure specific to each OS. Here is the procedure for your iOS app.

Preparation for transfer

Ceding side

  • Developer account must be registered and active
  • The application must meet Apple’s transfer criteria

registered and active

Please note that applications that use “Signin with Apple” cannot be transferred.

  • If the application uses app purchases (in app purchases) with automatic renewal of subscriptions, you must generate a shared specific key. This particular procedure is detailed on the following page:
  • We recommend that you download any reports you may need later from your AppStore Connect interface.

Buyer side

You must send your Team ID and the email address of the account (Team Agent) to the transferor. This information is available from the membership page of your Apple Developer account.

Perform the transfer

  • The transferor of the application proceeds to the transfer request.
    • To do this, from the AppStore Connect, click on “My Apps”.
    • Select the app you want to transfer.
    • From the “App Information” page, at the bottom of the page in the “Additional Information” box, click on the “Transfer the app” link.
  • The acquirer will receive a notification and must accept the transfer within 60 days by logging into .
  • Click on “Contractual, banking and tax information”.
  • In the “Transfer Agreements” section, click on the blue “Review” button.
  • You will need to complete an application information form:
    • URL of a support web page (a link to your site’s contact form may be sufficient)
    • Contact information for submitting a new version of the application (last name, first name, email, number)
    • Information for the App Store (Postal address, Copyright)

The transfer is then made by Apple. It may take up to 2 working days. During this time, it is not possible to publish a new version of the iPhone app development company and some information cannot be changed.

You can proceed with the transfer of your Android app by following its own procedure.


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