Transfer washing – Get professional support:

You’re about to transfer and do not know what to be aware of when to do house cleaning when handing on the house? These recommendations can help.

Fleetingly ahead of the transfer, the old house is of course also cleaned. How thoroughly you’ve to clean them and what your landlord understands by “clean” may vary widely.

Whether you select the do-it-yourself plan or choose professional help – with this recommendations you are absolutely on the safe side and can master the handover of the house without any problems.

Do It Your self:

If you don’t skip the last washing of your house yourself, you need to pay specific focus on the following areas. These come out to be tripping blocks once the house is checked.


Let us start with the kitchen. Here it is essential that you clean and dried all kitchen cupboards and drawers. When there is any contact paper remaining inside, remove it. You should also change defective grips or hinges. It is most beneficial to obtain all the drawers so that you can clean them more easily. Don’t forget to also clean the manual rails and then dried them.

Toilet & toilet:

Now it’s to the bathroom. Clear the bathtub, shower tray, and washbasin with moderate soapy water and then gloss them. The easiest way to eliminate calcification is with vinegar or the wonder medicine of your choice.

The siphon of the washbasin and the sinks must be cleaned. Don’t your investment reflection cabinet and the mirror. These must be washed well. If your faucet is leaking, consider changing the plastic seal. If the brush and toothpaste glass is broken, you will need to change it.

Surfaces and roofs:

The walls and ceiling should be washed of cobwebs and other soil and dust with a dry cloth. If you have spots that you cannot remove with the fabric, you need to repaint them with paint. Ask with the landlord exactly which shade you need to use. It is most beneficial to shut exercise holes and dowel holes with a particular filler that you’ll find in any equipment store.


Do you live in a classic house or apartment with double-glazed windows? Don’t fear, it’s not too complex at all. You just unscrew the windows and then clean them on four sides. Don’t forget to clean the shutters and shutters with water and detergent.

If you should be seeking for quick and simple ways, you need to hire a house cleaning services.

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