5 Steps to Transforming Self-Quarantine into a Spiritual Retreat

No one predicted that we will be facing a pandemic that would bring the world to its knees. With social distancing and to stay at home, social distancing, the plans and goals of many have been left hanging. No one thought it would be like this, but here we are!

With the Covid-19 still raging across the world and if you are home quarantine, then you are suffering from boredom and various emotions that takes a toll on the psychological aspects of our mind.

This is due because most of us has never stayed at home and are always on the move. But staying at a four-wall room and not stepping out, without any human interaction does make us cranky and frustrated.

You get to spend time with your family and indulge in activities, even if you are working from home; you have plenty of time to kill. Even you take the hobby of reading, listening podcast and music, these pleasant diversion can grow old quickly.


The best way is to turn your home-quarantine into a spiritual retreat. This will shift your focus from being a procrastinator or lazy bug to a doer of things. It will mentally as well as physically keep you isolated free.

Placing your attention in spiritual retreat can help you get control over your fear and insecurities. A couple minutes daily spent on spiritual; practice can take your mind from the isolated dimension to a deeper religious world.

We bring you five easy steps in transforming home quarantine into spiritual retreat-

  1. Find a corner in your home where no one will disturb you or comes around. This will be your place of spiritual retreat where you can focus on yourself and practice. You can add initials such as flowers, or candles that will look aesthetic but proves to be good for your spiritual retreat.
  2. Fix a daily schedule where you will spend some time in that place and attaining inner consciousness. It is important to stick to your timing and practice it religiously. Try to dedicate yourself fully in that time and vigorously follow it.
  3. It is now the right time to learn a new meditation mantra or spiritual books. Highlight passages and phrases that sound important to you. Consider learning a new prayer or meditation technique.
  4. Make sure you are not disturbed by one and you do not distract. Ensure to switch off your cell phone and close down the door that friends or family don’t intrude you. Even your pet is not there for your spiritual retreat.
  5. Even though you are isolating and are home-quarantine, you don’t really to cut yourself from the world. You can talk to new people on social sites, try new courses and watch spiritual stuff. You can take the opportunity to transform yourself and learn new things.

by utilizing your time in an isolated period you can turn your boredom into a spiritual retreat. It will give you a chance to renovate yourself and be more indulged into spirituality. This way you can turn your fear into faith.

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