Transition to Winter with These Care Tips for Oily Skin

While having oily skin in the winter seems less likely than in the hot summer months, it’s not necessarily the case. Changes in the environment can actually trigger more oil production. As a response to dry, cold air, the skin wants to combat the harsher weather by producing more sebum to prevent dryness.

600x4The temptation may be to dry out or strip your skin of its shininess, but oily skin needs hydration (as do all skin types) without clogging the pores. Survive the winter with a healthy glow with the following skincare tips and product recommendations.

Cleansing Oil

Using a high-quality cleansing oil does not mean you will produce more oil on your face or get a “greasy” look. The right formula will gently remove makeup and excess oil while leaving your skin clean and hydrated. “Good” oils in a replenishing cleansing oil will bind with the “bad” oils to cleanse your skin properly. Look for a product that contains probiotics to provide exceptional hydration, plus rice bran oil, which is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids to leave skin feeling soft. Also seek out ceramides to help prevent the damage caused by irritation and over-drying.

Hydrating Toner Gel

Part of your skincare for oily skin routine should include a gentle, alcohol-free toner gel with glycolic acid, which helps exfoliate skin and remove excess oil. Other natural ingredients to look for include blueberry extract, a powerful antioxidant to help fight environmental damage, plus hydrating mushroom and beet extract. The ingredients work together to help your skin look smooth, hydrated, and radiant.

Oil-Free Moisturizer

Find an excellent gel cream that’s lightweight with an oil-free texture. Seek out ingredients like natural probiotics and organic prickly pear extract to ensure your skin is hydrated while reducing the look of redness for a soothed, calm complexion. After all, you want your skin to look like it has had its eight glasses of water a day. And all types of skin are susceptible to dryness in the winter. Even if you have oily skin, it’s important to moisturize.

Exfoliating Sugar Scrub

Keep pores clean and clear without stripping your skin of its natural oils. A gentle sugar scrub with natural exfoliators like papaya and pineapple will slough off dead skin cells and lead to a softer, smoother, more radiant-looking complexion. Oily skin may especially benefit from regular exfoliating in the winter.

To wrap up, use formulas with natural ingredients that will help balance oil production and cleanse pores. Don’t over-scrub in an effort to reduce oil, but do try a cleansing oil, use an alcohol-free toner, and utilize a weightless, oil-free moisturizer. Don’t forget to regularly exfoliate! You’ll experience less shine and have happy, healthy skin in no time.

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