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In a fast changing world and with all its multiplicities, international businesses cannot be hindered due to language and cultural diversity. Language shouldn’t be a barrier but a bridge to communicate with each other. Communication has always been a means without which; globalization would have been distant dream. For any form of global communication to succeed, it is imperative for it to follow international standards and keep in line with the legal and other requirements of the country they are communicating with. It is equally important for the business to be aware of these requirements to be able to fulfil them through documentation in the country’s specific language. Translating legal documents that follow specific jurisdictions and ensure transparency is not a small feat. It requires an experienced and well informed agency to take on this task and ensure both parties are communicating the right information within the legal and other set boundaries without any space for misinterpretation.

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The need to carry out smooth transactions has given rise to the translation industry; making it the backbone of modern business. Furthermore, it’s not just the businesses that require translation services, but from people immigrating to different parts of the world; to writers who want to publish their books in other languages, the need for translation services is growing daily. The growth in demand has also led to new service providers entering the translation services market. Those who have used translation services in the past can attest to how hard it is to find a professional translation organization. By professional, we mean a translation service provider who does extraordinary work and meets all your requirements. It feels good to have your translation needs handled on the go. By choosing the best translation services provider, you get all your needs met and in the best way possible.

BITS Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer in the field and is one of India’s most well-established translation and localization company. Built in 1992, it is known as one of the most innovative and experienced professional language service provider (LSP) and has become one of the most credible options for all types of translations.

BITS is not just well-known in India but is one of the most respected names across Europe and Asia since 1992. With a global network of over 200 native translators, backed by nearly 50 in-house resources with impeccable linguistic skills and in-depth subject matter expertise, rest assured that you are in safe hands. It’s been a long journey so far, with hardly any industry or language that it has not yet covered.

Armed with a number of skilled content writers, BITS can also curate content from scratch and seamlessly translate content into any foreign or Indian language. This could be customer-centric content for corporate communication or industry specific blogs, or even creative copy for social media and print ads. It provides impeccable content writing and translation services for a variety of academic, non-academic and marketing content; along with other types of texts and documents with expertise; based on industry standards. Besides, it has a wide client base of over a thousand clients across the world, be it from fields like software, fin-tech, pharma; or agro-tech. Thus, you can rely on it for results that are of international standards and high-quality at a quick turnaround time. BITS founder, Mr. Sandeep Nulkar, has also won a few awards for his outstanding contribution to the language industry.

Among other offerings, BITS provides all brand communication services like Graphic Designing (Branding, Packaging), Web Designing, Content Creation, Copywriting, Business Communication, Digital Marketing services (SEO, Social Media Management, Display Advertising, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing) and Voice and Video services which include subtitles, transcriptions, voice overs, videos and reels.

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