Travel insurance and Covid: why it matters

Cases of tourists stuck abroad due to Covid are multiplying. Let’s see how the travel insurance blog can be very useful in these cases.

Going abroad with active travel insurance should always be on the checklist of tourists and travelers, with the Covid emergency then it becomes essential.

Travel insurance and Covid: coverage to go abroad

Planning a trip abroad has always required meticulous preparation that also includes adequate insurance coverage, but in 2021 traveling outside Italy is even more challenging given the global pandemic underway and the restrictions that change from time to time depending on the countries of departure and destination.

For this reason, it is the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs that directly advocates the subscription of adequate insurance coverage before moving from Italy to abroad.

So let’s see some of the coverage that travels insurance should have in 2021 that we are all facing:

  • medical, pharmaceutical, and hospital expenses, which are the first point above all because each health system differs from the other and the treatments are not always free in whole or in part and the bill could be difficult to settle in the event of illness or injury;
  • reimbursement of the penalty in case of positive personal or family member before departure, ascertained by the report of a swab, to protect themselves financially in case of cancellation of the trip ;
  • reimbursement of the penalty if, due to the isolation imposed by the local health authorities, one is forced to extend the stay in the event of a positive outcome; also in this case it is important financial protection especially if your travel or holiday budget is strictly limited to the days of the planned stay;
  • reimbursement of the cost of the positive swab, made within 24 hours of the end of the trip, of medical repatriation and assistance during the trip.

The risks of traveling abroad without insurance

If you decide to leave anyway, even without adequate insurance coverage, you can run into the risks that several of our compatriots are facing in this summer 2021:

  • obligation to stay beyond the estimated period for the stay due to the positivity to Covid-19, which can lead to medical expenses but also additional costs for food, accommodation, and travel (given the postponement of the return date);
  • loss of the deposit paid for the trip in case of ascertained positivity before embarking on the trip;
  • high healthcare costs if the destination country has a private healthcare system in whole or in part.

Our invitation is therefore to face this type of travel, whatever the reasons, well informed about the rules in force, updated on changes in real-time about infections and restrictions imposed by the various states and to foreigners, adequately covered by insurance to protect the maximum of your health but also your wallet.

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