Travel to Phetchabun, Wat Phra That Pha Son Kaew

Travel to Phetchabun, Wat Phra That Pha Son Kaew Wat Phra That Pha Son Kaew or Wat Phra That Pha Kaew This is located in a hill in the village of Thang Daeng, Khao Kho, Phetchabun Province, which is known as “Pha Sorn Kaew” because of the high and large mountains stacked in a mountain range lined around the meditation hall and on the top of the hill there is a cave. on the top of the mountain There are many villagers on the red road. saw a crystal ball floating above the sky and disappeared into the cave on the top of the cliff Villagers believe that it is the relics of the Buddha. and are considered auspicious places It is sacred and is known accordingly as “Pha Sorn Kaew”.

Travel to Phetchabun, Wat Phra That Pha Son Kaew

Wat Phra That Pha Son Kaew is located in Camp Son Subdistrict, Khao Kho District, Phetchabun Province. Surrounded by complex high mountains The beauty of the pagoda is the decorative pattern with porcelain cups, various colored stones, beautiful and unusual, including the white Buddha image. 5 Buddha statues arranged in a row, visible from a distance.

Important places inside the temple

Phra That Pha Kaew Chedi

Objectives of building a chedi to offer a royal merit on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of His Majesty the King’s reign and to be a place of succession to the Thai land for the benefit of mankind and future generations had the opportunity to continue learning on the top of the chedi The Buddha’s relics, which were eaten from Somdej Phra Yannasamvara, Supreme Patriarch The speciality of the chedi is the decorative pattern with porcelain cups and different colored stones that look beautiful and unusual, and the area under the base of the chedi is used as a collection of doctrines. Dharma puzzle and is the place to cultivate mindfulness for general Buddhists

Travel to Phetchabun, Wat Phra That Pha Son Kaew

Practicing pavilion (Pra Yok Kheow)

is an airy square pavilion surrounded by large glass panels to experience the nature of the lush mountains. along with a flower garden surrounding varieties

Phra Buddha Lertratanachotmanee

Phra Rattanachotimani or “Phra Jade Green” is a jade Buddha image in the subduing Mara posture. Which is the art of the Chiang Saen period with a lap size of 65 inches. The whole Buddha image was carved from green jade. The Buddha’s head contains the Buddha’s relics, which are the holy relics that have been given mercy. from Somdej Phra Yannasangwon Supreme Patriarch

Buddha Rattana Samritphol

Phra Phuttha Rattana Samritphon or “Phra Jade White” is a jade Buddha image in a diamond posture, built according to the Gandhara art style, with a lap size of 39 inches, the head of the Buddha image. containing the relics received mercy from Somdej Phra Yannasangwon Somdej Phra Sangkharat Sakolmah, Sangkhaparinayok, made the ceremony to be enshrined at the Pha Kaew Buddha Dharma Sathan.

Travel to Phetchabun, ท่องเที่ยว Wat Phra That Pha Son Kaew

Lan Pho,

another auspicious place in the Buddha Dharma Sathan Pha Sorn Kaew, which at the center of the surrounding courtyard There will be a Sri Maha Bodhi tree planted. The three-inch height Bodhi seed was brought from Phrakhru Thammasat Umot. (Phra Kru Nai Dika Thongchaiwat Issarathammo) Tha Krachai Temple, Nakhon Chai Si District, Nakhon Pathom Province, which he brought from the area around the Buddhakaya chedi. India and had mercy delivered through the disciples Phra Ajarn Amnat Opaso to be planted as a faith anchor Because it is considered a tree that has given shade to the Buddha and has attained enlightenment under the umbrella of Phra Ajahn Amnat Opaso, along with Ajarn Yongyuth Surayuttho and his relatives. has brought such Pho Planted in the courtyard of the Bodhi on the Vesak Day of 2004, along with the candle-lighting ceremony around the Phra Sri Maha Bodhi tree on various religious important days. in the development of consciousness as well


Siwali courtyard, the place where the Buddha image is enshrined, “Phra Siwali”

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