Travelling To Singapore? Know These Odd Things That Are Illegal There

Singapore is a top favourite tourist destination from Southeast Asia. This beautiful vacation spot is particularly known for its extremely low crime rate and impeccable cleanliness. In spite of low crime rates, the country is very cautious about everyone’s safety and that’s the reason you can spot warning on Singapore roads like “Low crime doesn’t mean no crime”.

Here we are mentioning few odd things that you must avoid doing while enjoying a Singapore tour package.

Chewing Gum

You will be really surprised to know that chewing gum (except the ones prescribed by doctors) is banned in Singapore. Not just chewing the gums but importing them to Malaysia or doing any kind of trading on them can land you in serious legal hassle. Improper disposal or possessing large quantities of gums can slap you with a hefty fine of as much as $1000 even for your first offence. The chewing gum ban in Singapore has earned public applause for its merit and this law is enacted very seriously.



When you are opting for a Malaysia tour package from Dubai, you must be well aware of things that can trap you in any sort of legal tussle. Jaywalking is one of them. The term ‘jaywalking’ was first coined in USA which means the illegal or reckless crossing on roads by careless pedestrians. In Singapore, if you are found to cross the streets any place other than designated area, you can be booked under Jaywalking Law. Always look for the designated areas meant for pedestrians to cross the roads.


Littering In Public

Singapore is hell bent on keeping the city neat and clean at any cost. Being a foreign traveller doesn’t spare you any how if you are found to litter in public. Never throw small and insignificant items on the roads while enjoying a wonderful travel time in Singapore. Doing this can force you to pay $300 even if you are a first-time offender. If you are caught red handed while throwing drink cans or large bottles in Singapore, you will be produced before the judge in court and punishment mostly involves a Corrective Work Order (CWO). We are sure that you wouldn’t really like to clean up a specified area sporting in a neon green vest while enjoying a holiday in this city.


Homosexual Relationships

The “Outrages on Decency” Law in Malaysia criminalizes the same sex relation or in other words, homosexual relation is considered as an offence in Singapore. Homosexual acts are described as the sex “against the order of nature” or “unnatural sex”. Anyone found guilty under this law can be punished with a maximum of two years imprisonment in jail.


Not Flushing The Toilets

Not flushing the toilet is not just a casual breach of property in Singapore. It is considered as a serious crime here. Many toilets and elevators in this city are fitted with Urine Detection Devices and the scent of urine activates the device that sets off an alarm and trapping you inside the elevator unless and until police comes to arrest you.

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