Treatment, Benefits and Contraindications of Lifting

Eliminating wrinkles is the dream of many when they start to be too obvious. The Thermage London, stretching or rhytidectomy, then becomes a valid option in the hands of expert plastic surgeons.

Over time, the skin loses its firmness and elasticity, through a process called elastosis. In addition, the repeated muscle contraction exerted by the muscles of facial expression creates increasingly evident wrinkles.

A typical sign is the loss of the facial oval, which occurs after 40 or 45 years. The facelift consists of removing excess skin on the face and neck and tightening the muscles. It is a surgical intervention generally practiced by plastic surgeons that are mainly aimed at eliminating facial wrinkles.

The effects of the lifting are not permanent, because the law of gravity and age is affecting the operated face again.

In what areas of the face is it done?

The Thermage flx London is especially indicated for wrinkles on the outer corner of the eye (the so-called “crow’s feet”), wrinkles on the upper lip (called “barcode”), the nasolabial fold (the area that extends from the fins of the nose to the corners of the lips) and the area under the chin, commonly known as “double chin.”

What is micro lifting?

Currently, the trend is to do operations more limited to a small area of ​​the face, such as the jaw, with very small incisions and stretches that mobilize less of the skin surface.

Are there contraindications?

Before being performed, the patient must sign an informed consent by law. The doctor must take a thorough medical history since people with bleeding disorders, diabetes, or poor healing are not good candidates for a facelift.

Where and how are the cutting and stretching done?

The surgeon will make an incision at the implantation line of the scalp, towards the ears, surrounding the lobe from behind. Thus, the scar will be hidden and will not be visible.

If you want to act on the “double chin”, another incision will be made below the chin. Then the skin is separated, tightened, the excess tissue is removed, and it is sutured with special stitches that are little marked on the skin, and ensure an aesthetic scar. In many cases, the facelift is accompanied by another technique, blepharoplasty, to remove bags from the eyes.

What are the possible complications?

They are very rare, although in some cases there may be bleeding, infection, persistent bruising, sensitivity disorders, or poor healing.

To undergo a Thermage flx UK, it is advisable to stop smoking, since tobacco alters oxygenation and the ability to heal in surgical intervention. You also have to protect yourself from the sun with high factor photo protectors, to avoid post-inflammatory pigmentation.

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