Tree Care Services- A Small Guide on Pruning, Trimming, and Removal

We all love trees. After all, they make us feel closer to nature, with many environmental benefits. You may have seen people planting trees in their front and backyards, or even shiting to green-rich places. But having trees and vegetation comes with many challenges, and tree care is all about dealing with them.

Tree care or tree maintenance is the application of many practices that include plantation, soil management, watering, nutrition, pruning, trimming, etc. But here, we will primarily focus on the pruning, trimming, and removal aspects of tree care services in North Vancouver.

The Fundamental Difference Between Pruning and Trimming

Pruning and trimming are essential parts of tree care, and people often use these terms interchangeably. But there is a huge fundamental difference between their use and purpose. Let’s understand what they stand for and what purpose they serve.

Trimming is all about shaping a tree, shrub, and hedge in a particular manner so they can grow healthier. Another aspect of it is to make those plants look more attractive, and it’s primarily done in commercial properties. It attracts prospective clients, or in other words– the more captivated the view, the more the visitors.

Professional tree services in North Vancouver usually focus on cutting green shoots, which leads to the healthy growth of the tree or plant. They can give the tree or hedge any shape as per the best possible option and how a client wants it to be.

On the other hand, pruning stands for removing the overly grown, dead, infected, and heavy branches for safety. But it’s not limited to only stems but roots as well. When the branches or roots of a tree are dead, it’s the best practice to remove them as soon as possible.

Apart from this, sometimes, branches grow in the wrong directions, such as electric lines, cables, windows, etc. It is where trimming comes in handy. But when there is no hope for the tree for any reason, tree removal in North Vancouver is the ultimate solution.

The Benefits of Pruning and Trimming

We gave you an overview of what pruning and trimming stand for. Now, let’s explore some of the benefits you can have with their proper implementation.

Ideal Growth

Like us, trees and plants also need proper care for ideal growth. Pruning and trimming eliminate factors that lead trees to a decaying state. Carefully pruning a plant or tree will help it live longer, and when you remove an unnecessary branch, the distribution of nutrients positively affects the tree. Similarly, trimming makes them appear more attractive with less occupied space.

Better Pest and Fungus Control

Pests and fungus can lead trees and plants to decay. If not controlled while there is time, they can even kill an entire tree within a few months or a year. But when you cut off an infected branch or root, you save the rest of the structure from getting destroyed.

Safety for You

Many factors can weaken the tree in your yard, and it ultimately poses a safety risk for you and your house. A fully grown tree might catch an infection, and you could be susceptible to the hazard of falling branches.

Why Tree Removal?

As we said earlier, when there is no hope for a tree, either because of its old age or any disease, you need to hire a professional tree removal in North Vancouver. It’s an essential part of tree care and requires preciseness and careful measures. If we talk about diseases, pests and fungi are the top reasons. They slowly kill the tree, ultimately leading to a risk of fall, which must be dealt with by professionally removing the entire structure.

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