Tree Felling Ormskirk

Here at Rufford Tree Services we have been in the tree removal business in Ormskirk, Rufford for over 27 years. We class ourselves as experts in tree removal and tree felling for customers as far out as Southport. With many returning customers for our garden services we offer a complete solution to landscape gardening. Tree Felling Ormskirk

Tree felling is a forestry term with great history behind it. It refers to the process of cutting down a tree which is often made to seem easier than it really is. Tree felling can be a very dangerous task if not completed by a highly trained professional tree surgeon like ourselves, which in extreme cases can result in serious injury or death if not completed correctly. As the task of tree removal, tree felling and tree lopping can be daunting to anyone untrained we always like to give a free consultation on how best to tackle your tree problem. We have the experience to rescue damaged trees and remove unwanted or dead stumps. Our expert team of tree surgeons are on hand seven days a week.

When we are asked to look at Tree felling for our customers in the Ormskirk, Rufford and Southport areas we make sure we use the very best machinery to help us get the result you would expect from a tree felling company spanning almost three decades. This service is commonly performed with a chainsaw as the cutting ability is made possible by a rotating chain giving strong and defined cutting edges for any type of tree, bush or hedge. Using a chainsaw may seem a simple process however the level of training and health and safety which needs to be addressed can only be achieved by a professional tree surgeon with years of experience. If someone untrained attempted to use this piece of machinery not only could they cause problems to the tree but more importantly cause serious harm to themselves if they lost control of the machine. This is why people choose to not only have their free consultation with Rufford Tree Surgeons but have us complete the entire tree felling service. Tree Surgeons Ormskirk

The process of Tree Felling, Tree Lopping and Tree Removal

Cutting one tree can take a lot of work and planning. First, we make sure we are fully prepared. Rufford Tree Services always develop a plan for how the tree will fall. A tree should be cut so when it falls it does not come into contact with anything else, including other trees. This preparation stage of tree removal is a vital part of our service and something which most companies take for granted. Our aim is to make the tree removal risk free from the outset with a clearly detailed plan which all parties especially the tree surgeon working on your garden are happy with.

To develop a good plan, it can be necessary to consider a number of factors, such as the slope of the ground, the lean of the tree, and the height of the tree. Hence why it takes time to inspect the area before we start, this inspection will require you to be present after all its your tree were removing we need to leave the area exactly as you expect. All trees may not be able to be cut in the same direction. Different types of notches may need to be used. Determining how a tree should be cut may be a matter of professional experience.

Tree felling can also be made dangerous by situations that occur when the tree falls. Such hazards include lodging. Sometimes a tree does not have a clear path to the ground. Instead it may fall and get lodged in another tree or on a structure. This creates a hazard that should not be ignored. Our pre preparation and years of experience at Rufford Tree Surgeon Services means we will account for this as we work.

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