Trending Wedding Ideas in 2020

People trying to find a wedding venue Chester County PA have a lot more to do than just pick out a great venue. The décor, logistics, and atmosphere you set are just as important. Below, we will cover some of the trending ideas to pull out for your wedding in 2020 and beyond.

1.Garter & Boquet Toss Are Not as Popular The garter and bouquet toss are two traditional means of celebrating your tying of the knot. The superstition is that whoever catches these things will be married next. However, these events don’t gather quite the appeal that they once did. Instead, try doing something new like a line dance or dollar dance to stimulate a fun atmosphere.

2. Modern Lighting Over Flower Decor In a classic wedding, we would find lots of flower décor located all across the tables, dancefloor, and so on. These days, many people are using modern lighting in place of this. If you book a DJ, they might even be able to include this as part of the total package!

3. Self-Serving Open Bars Getting an open bar can be a little expensive if you hire a bartender. However, if you get the drinks you want in a self-serve container you will be able to ensure everybody gets to drink as they will.

4.Small Weddings Those who want to minimize their spending whilst having a very high-quality atmosphere these days are getting married and having receptions with small crowds. This is a great way to have things like an open bar without racking up the bill. However, it will be a bit harder to get the party going at the reception with a small crowd.

5. Raise Money for Charity! Many of the weddings in Chester County PA these days are carried out by people who really don’t need an influx of gifts and money from their friends and family. Although it is traditional to do these sorts of things, those with a little more savings in their bank accounts these days will often use their wedding to raise money for charity!

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