Tricks and Tips to Showcase Distinct Style in 2D Animation

With the new digital animation, it has become quite a challenging and competitive task to create unique and creative animations.

As in retro style animations, it was all suited to the imagination and creativity of an individual to idolise an absolute wonder, but with new digital 2D animation every bloomer has an opportunity to create something new.


In such challenging and competitive times, an individual requires having a mere knowledge of drawing or creating patterns, rather what is needed is wild imagination and ability to depict it.

With these simple but effective tricks and tips, you can improve on your knowledge towards various methods and understand different means to innovate on your 2D animations and create something strong enough to deliver your creativity.

 Using Colour Line Art   

By simple line strokes, an animator can create a softer and well-defined tone to their characters. In older times it was not quite easy to outline every dimension of the character and various times only black and white ink were used to create animations.

With the introduction of digital animation, an artist can pursue in-depth detailing of their characters to provide them with much more depth. Adding decent outlining to the character can make it much more attractive and helps in delivering a better message to the viewer.

But access to anything is bad, so try to create subtle details and not overdo it. Try to choose the complementary colour scheme to balance the character with suitable outlining.

Character Designing

Before you start to animate, one of the key aspects to keep in mind is to establish the initial plot line and required characters. What an animator should always do is to create a rough timeline of various acts that he would require in his animated final product.

But while doing so, he should not rely on retro approach; instead, he should explore new possibilities and try to create his own imaginative characters to include in the animation.

You can explore various old ideas and out of it, try to create something new and different. The possibility of creating a character is endless, and there is no limit to which an artist can go.

You can opt for toonish characters and add a lumpy walk to it which can provide a new attribute to your character and would provide distinctive characteristics to it.

2.5D Animation

By creating coordinated adjustments and applying detailed shapes and lines, you can make a 2D animation appear 3D. With little tweaking with the backgrounds depth in the field, you can create a similar sense of layout as in 3D animation, but it requires precision and accurate continuity in a timeline.

If the animator compromises in different frame rates the animation could appear distorted, so it requires some practice to get hold of this art. But once you master this trick, you can easily bring much more realistic in your animations.

Manipulating Angles and Zoom 

Basic animators utilise the linear style animations which mostly resembles to various linear game styles like Mario or Contra. Although it is a proven style of animation still utilising similar technique can be monotonous.

To grasp an edge over the vast competition, you can manipulate your animation with different angles, zoom in/out and utilising the depth of field.

For instance, if your character is delivering a speech to a vast audience, you can create a side angle to start with the general audience and gradually change the angle of view towards your main character and create a zoom in effect to it.

By applying this simple trick animator can deliver much more impactful storytelling without any additional effort. But it becomes a creative choice which an animator has to execute with keeping in mind various cinematic rules and guidelines like 180-degree axis rule or field of exposure to justify the animation.

By considering these simple tricks and tips any blooming animator can create unique and dynamic animations. But, ultimately the imagination and creativity of an individual can play a prominent role in delivering a mind-blowing animation.

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