Tricks on how do I get my Mac to recognize my printer and steps for HP Printer Assistant Download for Mac

When Mac users buy a new printer, they start searching the web for “how do I get my Mac to recognize my printer.” The setting up procedure may intimidate several Mac users. But once you are aware of the right steps, the task becomes quite easy. Whether you wish to add a single printer or multiple printers to your business network, we will provide you the ways to add the printer to your Mac device.

Tricks on how do I get my Mac to recognize my printer and steps for HP Printer Assistant Download for Mac

Connecting a wireless printer to Mac

To connect your printer wirelessly through a WPS or a Bluetooth connection, you need to follow the steps given below:
1. From your Mac screen’s top-left corner, click on the Apple icon.
2. Now, visit the System Preferences option.
3. Tap on the option of Printers and Scanners. On the older versions of Mac
models, the same option will appear by the name of Print & Scan under the
Hardware menu.
4. Click on the plus (+) sign on your Mac to add a new printer to your Mac device.
5. Your Mac device will display the list of discoverable printers on the network. Click
on the printer you would want to add.
6. In the Use Field, you need to choose the printer software or driver.
7. Finally, click on the Add option.

It will connect your wireless printer to your Mac device. If you are facing trouble connecting your HP printer to your Mac device, you can try the HP Printer Assistant Download for Mac. Before Mac users proceed further, they should be aware that HP Printer Assistant is unavailable for Mac computers. The Mac driver for the printer will install the HP utility with the same features as that of HP Printer Assistant.
1. Switch on your HP Printer.
2. If your HP printer and Mac computer are connected via a USB cable, disconnect it. The software installation will let you know if the cable is needed.
3. Download the printer driver from HP’s official website.
4. Tap on the Printer option and enter your printer model number under “Let’s identify your product to get started” page.
5. The default Operating System will show on the screen.
6. If you wish to change the OS, click on the Change option and select the version you want to choose.
7. Select the Download option under the Driver option.

8. During the installation process, you need to select the installation type as Typical or Recommended.
The HP Printer Assistant Download for Mac will help you in the efficient working of your HP printer with your Mac device.


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