Tricks to Rank your Blog on Google’s Search Engine

You could be writing the best blogs or tutorials but somehow, you do not get the audience that you deserve. What could be the reason for this?


What sets blogs apart from each other is how visible they are to their readers. Thus, if you want more readers and more traffic, you need to rank your blog over Google. Here are a few tricks that could help you:

Tricks to Rank your Blog on Google’s Search Engine


An important component of your SEO strategy is optimizing your blog with the appropriate keywords. Conduct a thorough research and locate the keywords suiting your content. Additionally, ensure that these keywords are incorporated in your blog in the most organic manner. This ensures that the readers can easily comprehend your blog without the keywords sticking out like sore thumbs. Also remember to keep an eye out for keywords that rank and use them to boost your blog.


Your Meta Description is a snippet of what your blog/website contains. Ensure that the content of your meta description is compelling so that more readers will click on it. If you write an attractive meta description, more traffic will head towards your website. Furthermore, you can even include the keywords in your meta description.


Link building is important if you want to make your blog more visible. Apart from using readable, keyword rich URLs, it is also important to improve your links. Create contacts over the virtual world so that you can acquire backlinks from other pages. Some websites and blogs offer paid links redirecting to your blog. Another easy way to back link to your website is through promotion of your content over various platforms. Internal links are also an effective SEO strategy if you are unable to convince other webmasters to give you a link.


Your website’s layout also needs attention if you wish to rank your blog. The site layout needs to be reader-friendly so that they can comfortably navigate through the pages. According to recent studies, a mobile version of your blog could actually help it feature highly on Google. Thus, making a mobile-friendly website may be quite effective if you wish to rank your blog.


Optimizing the on-page media could boost your blog’s ranking. The two tried and tested methods to optimize images are: through the inclusion of alt-text, and changing the filename to include keywords. Alt-text could contain a brief description of what the image is and how it is related to your content.


Broken links could spell death to your blog. Moreover, broken links could hamper the reader experience as they navigate through your website. If a link on your blog points to a webpage that no longer exists, you need to update it. Crawl through your website to identify the broken links or use any tool to locate them. While you update the link, you could also work on updating the content, which could give you an advantage over your competitors.

With these tips and tricks, you can make your blog rank highly on the Google Search Engine. Include them in your SEO strategy to give a boost to your blog and gain more visibility to your content. You would not only be attracting more traffic to your website but also saving on your SEO budget!

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