Tried and Tested Tricks for the Best Instagram Stories

An Instagram story has a short life that is just in the region of 24 hours, but the powerful feature can help your brand reach a higher level of success. You can tap into this feature of Instagram and grow in several ways like never before. In today’s world, most of the companies are looking for an opportunity to promote their brand at nominal charges, but here is one of the best Instagram features that helps your brand to reach each and every potential customer. It really plays a vital role in letting others know about your brand and generates good responses from customers. Most of the brands have put this special feature into use to promote their brands globally. Some of the recently-updated features of Instagram have been commended and seen a huge spike in the number of Instagram users.

Master hashtag strategy

Hashtags are known as a great booster that boosts your story and forwards it to other users. This tool makes your story go forward. Using hashtags is a great way to reach other users who you don’t know.

Here is how hashtags work and play a significant role in expanding your reach on Instagram. Not just Instagram but many other social media sites too work on the principle of hashtags. When you put a hashtag in your Insta story, you will be visible to all those who put the same hashtag on their stories. This is simple enough. Just give it a try. It is most likely to bring about a satisfactory response. Some Instagrammers put more than four or five hashtags. Using too many hashtags doesn’t serve any purpose. If seen from the right perspective, it is improper to put more than five hashtags.

Share behind-the-scene moments

Nowadays, a number of people are interested in knowing about how something is done. If you are an actor, you can share some moments of your backstage performance. If you are a singer, you can sing a song for the sake of people’s pleasure. You can share some photos of your friends and your co-workers whose acquaintances will surely react to the post. People are interested in knowing about the daily lifestyle of others. You can impress them with something that they always hoped for. Creating a good story with good thoughts is what matters on Instagram.

Post quiz on Insta story

With the help of a number of different stickers that show a number of different emotions, you can easily be noticed. Asking quizzes about something interesting is what all the guys love to the fullest. Polls can be conducted to take people’s views on different topics. If you ask people about something interesting, you can surely see your brand grow day by day. These quizzes and polls thus conducted can help your audience grow very fast.

Put stickers into use

Growing on Instagram totally depends on how good your content is. Content is king. The king rules both the hearts and minds. So, creating good content is the key to success to put your brand on the top. Before making it big, all the brands have to suffer obstacles that come in the middle of their way. Some people don’t like to comment by writing on Insta, so Instagram has the best feature known as reaction slider sticker. With the help of the reaction slider sticker, People express their feelings. Using the reaction slider sticker brings a faster response from audiences.

In previous years, Instagram had not the brilliant feature it currently owns.

Conduct live streams

A picture is just a still image of you. If people look at your picture, their mind recognises your face so that they may recognise you by face if they ever meet you. During live video chat on Instagram, people can hear your voice, watch your gestures and watch anything that you do on live video chat, so start conducting live streams for your audience and talk to them in a fun way. Let them know about your behaviour and a generous heart. If you make a great space in their hearts. Success will find its way to your doors. The tips are given above, if implemented in an appropriate fashion, they are going to work like a charm.

SOURCE:- Tried and Tested Tricks for the Best Instagram Stories

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