Troubleshoot to find infected files if McAfee does not detect a virus

Sometimes your PC shows up a list of infected files when you perform a scan with your activated McAfee product. Even after having antivirus installed, your PC is not really protected. After scanning certain files, if the security software lists out infected files but does not show any virus, you need to take an immediate measure against it to protect your data and the PC.

McAfee does not detect a virus

If the file or folder is detected to be at high risk, either remove the file or get McAfee customer support and do not put your PC  and data from getting corrupted. Try executing the steps as mentioned below if the On-Demand Scan fails to detect any threats on your system.

Measures to take to find out the infected file when a virus is not detected:

  1. Double-click on the McAfee icon to launch the software
  2. Perform a thorough scan with your McAfee activate product
  3. If you do not find any virus but the security software shows an infected file, do the following steps:
  • Diagnose Windows configuration files to check if there have been suspicious entries
  • Look up for new programs or applications you are not aware of but is available on your device
  • You may use Windows Explorer to ensure common directory paths for malicious files
  • Use additional McAfee Activate and third-party tools to perform a comprehensive scan for malicious activity
  • If the tools fail to work, call on McAfee customer service number to discover the solution of the error

You have effectively detected the problem and fixed with. If the problem persists, make sure to connect with McAfee customer support in order to get instant response and solution. If you avoid the error and do not take any action against the infected file, you might face the problem with your operating system.

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