Trucks For Rent USA

R2OT was founded by a restaurant owner in Houston, TX who saw the trend and rapid growth of the mobile food industry and decided to expand his business and invest in a food trailer. He soon realized that the mobile food industry is heavily overlooked or purposely ignored by financial institutions, so he had to invest his own funds to open his first location. After a few months in business and proving that his concept was successful, he opened his second location.

Making friends along the way in the mobile food industry who were having a hard time finding the funds to open, grow, or upgrade their mobile food business, our founder, helped a colleague access funding for a new trailer for his existing taco stand. The success was evident, so referrals started coming in as other food trailer owners noticed the upgrades and also wanted funding to replicate the growth and improvements for their own mobile business. Trucks For Rent USA



We believe in the attributes of honesty, integrity, reliability and loyalty. We apply them in our daily personal and professional endeavors.


We value different viewpoints and respect the opinions of the others. Respect for our clients, colleagues, providers, environment and community ensures sustainable success.


We collaborate to execute plans together, and behave in ways that bring out the strengths of each team member. We are committed to quality, competence and excellence in our execution. We are accountable for our actions and their results.


We manage our time for both business and personal success. We are dedicated to developing the full potential of our team and business and giving back to our community. Food Trailer Financing USA


We embrace change to deliver superior performance. We seek new ways to be more accessible, efficient and to provide solutions to our clients.

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