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Are you not in favor of casting your vote to any of the candidates standing in US elections? It does not mean anything to you but you are not alone. You might have seen kids standing with vote trump sign on their terraces but spare them they are kids. They might like the comic and funny faces and it is nothing more than a thing to play. If you don’t believe you can go and check the future of such signs with their parents. They are ultimately going to be found in junkyard of any home.

vote trump sign

You must have heard to a famous saying that says one should make books his best friends. For they teach you many things that no else can do in your life without expecting anything in return. Reading books is a very good habit. For those who like to read, you may have purchased variety of books that belong to different genres. Books can make very good gifts irrespective of the age group of the person. They make excellent companions when you are travelling.

Have you recently read a funny book? Whether it is a yes or no from you it is recommended to buy two books with following titles- The best reasons to vote for Hillary and The best reasons to vote for Trump. While books educate you on several things they prove to be the best medium of expressing your views too. This has been strongly proved with these two creations at least.

For people who are against any or both of these candidates of US president 2017 elections, break all Trump Clinton news telecasted on news channels. Each of these books contains 200 blank pages that is more than enough to tell someone how much you dislike both the candidatures. There are absolutely no reasons to vote for either of them.


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