Trump continues his epic ‘covfefe’ troll of humanity with cryptic second tweet

Looks like President Trump rolled out of bed this morning and finally deleted the monumental “covfefe” tweet that he seemed to have written and posted as he nodded off and which remained live for hours upon hours as a baffled and amused world pondered its meaning.

Displaying what could be the first evidence of humor since the dawn of his presidency, Trump replaced the fumbled tweet with this:

Mr. President: We know you meant to write “coverage.” The real question left unanswered: WTF were you doing when you published it? Did you fall asleep mid-tweet and accidentally hit pub? I mean, we’ve all been there, right?

Or was this intentional mischief? Some next-level mastery to demonstrate your ability to entirely dominate the attention of the planet, even with total nonsense?

Or something more nefarious?

We await your tweets, sir.

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