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Multicultural Canada is one of the world’s popular destinations for those who wish to migrate. With beautiful views, cosmopolitan cities, and a steady economy, many migrants prefer leading high-quality lifestyles making this a perfect country for you to live in. Canada, as many may not know, have a huge demand for migrants and has paved a way for many with skills and talent to move here. However, it is advised to connect with trusted Canada immigration consultants in Delhi that are equipped with great experience and registered to help you through your immigration journey.

Since the demand is high for skilled workers, the government has a strict need for approving applicants during the immigration program. The Canadian government have to deal with tedious job especially when it comes to approving candidates during the immigration program allowing them to live in the country. They have different programs but since each has its criteria, it is advised to have your consultant choose the ideal one for you.

Best Ways to Immigrate to Canada From India in 2021 - Canadim

  • EXPRESS ENTRY PROGRAM: This is one of the trusted and popular ways to migrate to Canada, this particular program chooses skills and points to evaluate one’s eligibility to allow one to migrate. The visa process time that falls under this program can extend to six months or less.
  • PNP (Provincial Nominee Program): If you wish to choose for the PNP to apply for the visa, then, you must apply in the region where you wish to settle down. Once you get nominated by the region or province to apply for a PR visa, only if your profile is ideal for eligibility criteria. You can apply for a PR visa once you are nominated by the province. The PNP is one of the options that you can try only if your score point is not high enough. A provincial nomination can help one in different ways, it can add 600 CRS point to your express entry or can may you eligible for a PR visa to IRCC.
  • QSWP (Quebec Skilled Worker Program): Since Quebec has its own Provincial Nominee Program called the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP), the program was started to encourage immigrants to move and settle in Quebec without having to deal with the hassle of immigration procedure. Via this program, workers with great skills and talent can apply for a Quebec certificate. It is not important or required for an applicant to have an authentic job to migrate to the destination.

Look out for the best consultant who can help you with Immigration to Canada from India without any issue.

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