Trustworthy data privacy and protection solutions for enterprises at your fingertips

Finding the best data privacy and protection solutions is no longer tough for enterprises of various sizes. What deserves to be highlighted is the predominant need for ensuring complete Data security at an intrinsic level. Securing all necessary and crucial company information, files, documents and other intellectual properties should be the first priority above everything else. Too many companies and enterprises have neglected this aspect, being caught napping later on to their chagrin and losing valuable data. Data is the new oil as opined by several leading industrialists and business tycoons. Indeed, it is the race for data that will determine the new generation success stories in almost every business sector. As a result, enterprises will only thrive when they securely house their data and keep it safe from breaches, hackers and other instances of theft or data piracy.

As has been seen over the last few years, several major corporations have often faced instances of data breach or leakages. A specialist solution should be on-boarded by leading corporations for file and document security along with data classification, storage and complete privacy and security against leaks, breaches and hacks. This is certainly the need of the hour and Fasoo could be a good option in this context. It offers security solutions for unstructured data along with extensive enterprise content and privacy platforms which enable the tracing, analysis and safeguarding of vital business data while also boosting overall efficiency simultaneously.

Fasoo has always emphasized greatly on innovation and customer centricity while coming up with creatively tailored solutions that ensure market-leading performance at all times. Fasoo already possesses more than 2,000 customers under its belt which are all leading enterprises using its intellectual property and data protection features and millions of people trust the company across 50 countries and counting. It has time-tested solutions with full scalability within some of the world’s biggest enterprise environments as well. The solutions are diverse and all-encompassing, offering ample capacity for tackling several requirements of different enterprises with 20 years of focus on EDRM. The company is also known for its flexible architecture which is tailored to offer coverage for the entire lifecycle of a document. Multi-device and cross-platform expertise and support is another major plus point along with thorough coverage for a variety of applications.

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