Try Gong cha’s Special Halloween Bubble Tea


Gong cha, the premier premium tea brand with a global presence, has a reputation for offering one of the largest bubble tea menus. Guests visiting a Gong cha store can order from over 600 possible combinations of drinks and still find something unique and new the next time they visit. Innovation is a part of the success story at Gong cha. The brand has been constantly innovating and creating new drinks featuring new flavors and ingredients. Besides, there are special seasonal flavors to celebrate the spirit of the occasion.

In its largest announcement, Gong cha has announced the release of its Halloween Special Edition Drink, titled Vampire Bite. This special drink will be available throughout the month of October, leading up to Halloween day.

Gong cha Celebrating Halloween

There is always something new at Gong cha stores. This Halloween month, boba fans will be able to enjoy a themed-based drink at any of the Gong cha stores. The Halloween Special Edition Drink has been named Vampire Bite and will feature the following ingredients:

  • Tapioca Pearls
  • Strawberry
  • Milk
  • Herbal Jelly

It celebrates the theme colors Red and Black of Halloween while also offering special discounts to customers. Gong cha is running a ‘Buy One Get One 50% off’ Halloween promotion on October 31st. Thus, guests visit Gong cha in costume will be able to enjoy 50% off on their 2nd cup of Vampire Bite drink. Make sure you visit a Gong cha store in your Halloween costume to avail the offer.

Why Gong cha is So Popular & Growing So Fast?

Gong cha has over 1800 global locations and it continues to expand at a fast pace. There are over 100 stores in the United States and new ones are launched every month. Besides the variety that it offers in its bubble tea offerings, Gong cha has built a reputation for its premium-quality offerings and traditional approach to tea preparation.

Premium Quality Ingredients

Gong cha tea is made using premium quality tea leaves and ingredients. The tea leaves are sourced from the finest tea estates in the world. The entire tea production process is assessed before a supplier tea estate is selected.

Master Craftsmanship

Besides, fresh tea is brewed every 4 hours to maintain freshness in every cup. Similarly, tapioca pearls are also freshly prepared every few hours. Every cup of Gong cha bubble tea is prepared following standard recipes that have been followed since the beginning. There is strict adherence to the standard laid down with a commitment to the highest level of craftsmanship.

At Gong cha, the brand is driven by the theme to create happiness in every cup that is served and every heart that is touched. Not only is there the highest commitment to the quality of ingredients and the preparation techniques, but also impeccable customer service. Every guest and every in-house team member is treated with utmost dignity and respect at Gong cha.

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