Try Mayonnaise for a Delicious and Nutritious Cuisine

If you are one among them, who finds healthy foods as insipid, then try finding food recipe with mayonnaise.  Mayonnaise is a thick cold sauce with a unique blend of salty and sweet flavours. It was originated and previously known as Salsa Mayonesa in Spain. This adds flavour to common recipes.

In the fast-moving society, Nutralite’s low cholesterol products are helping to change the unhealthy lifestyle by properly blending taste with health. Nutrilite’s mayo range is enriched with Vitamins A, D & E. Mayonnaise scores better in competition with cheese and butter. To make your kid’s tiffin box look attractive and satisfied, add mayo with the regular chappatis, or make a layer of it over mini buns. This will not only make your kid empty their Tiffin boxes but also will gain 30% of the vital vitamins and healthy ingredients.

As people are becoming health conscious, many recipes with veg mayonnaise are available. One of the easy healthy recipes that can be made palatable with mayo is Mayonnaise cutlets. It is easy to prepare and cook. All you need are:

  • 4 medium-sized boiled potato; mashed,
  • ½ cup of sago, soaked in water the previous night,
  • ½ cup roasted groundnuts roughly crushed,
  • 2 tsp of onion, finely chopped.

Method: Mix the ingredients properly. Then add 1 tsp cumin powder, salt as per need, and pepper. Again mix it properly so that it becomes hard enough to make balls out of it. Scoop a hole in the ball and add few drops of mayo into it. Cover the hole, roll in bread crumbs, and deep fry. Serve the delicious snack.

Another delicious healthy recipe that you can make at home is Apple Mayo Toast. It takes 15 mins to prepare and almost within 30 minutes it is ready to be served to 4-5 peoples. To make this recipe you need:

  • 01 medium-sized deseeded and roughly chopped apple,
  • 01 french bread,
  • 01-inch celery Chopped,
  • 02-tinned pineapple slices, chopped,
  • 6-8 walnuts that are properly toasted and chopped,

3 tbsps Nutralite Veg Mayo, Salt, and crushed black peppercorns as per your taste, 2-3 iceberg lettuce leaves, and finally for garnishing you need microgreens. For the recipe, cut the bread into 6-inches diagonal slices and toast it on a non-stick grill pan. Take all other ingredients and mix them properly. Put the mixture between the two toasted slices of bread along with crushed peppercorns, and finally garnish with microgreens. Enjoy your healthy recipe perfectly blended with taste.

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