Try Role-playing For Your Next Boudoir Shoot

“Role playing in boudoir shoots? Yes, you heard it right? To know more, kindly read this article now”.

Yes, you heard it right. I am going to talk about role-playing in boudoir shoots. Role-playing is no longer restricted to bedrooms anymore; you can now try them in boudoir studios as well. We all have fantasies to look a certain way or to be someone else. It could be anything – from being a student in your late 30s to decking up like a country girl.

With the help of the right outfit, lighting, confidence and a good Denver Boudoir Photographer, you can be someone who you have always wanted to be. And you know that he wants it! Yes, I am talking about your bae. It would be a lovely surprise for him also when he will get to see to as the woman of his fantasy. We all know how men like role-playing, right?

So, what are you waiting for? Start your hunt for the right Austin Boudoir Photographer who can guide you through the process.

And if you are wondering about which roles you can probably play, here is a complete guideline for you. To know more, kindly give this article a good read.

Hot nerd – Now we all know about the hot nerd fantasy, don’t we? Micro mini red skirt, a white shirt with a few buttons open, red lipstick, ponytail, nerdy pair of glasses, white stocking and maybe a tie! Dress up like the hottest student ever which your man would find it hard to resist whenever he would look at the pictures. Trust me when I say this – you can never go wrong with this one.

Some of the props that you can use are duster, chalk, books and pens, ruler or any kind of stationery for that matter, desks, and chairs, etc.

Country girl – As mentioned before, you can also dress up like a country girl. From chiffon tunics to leather boots – you can play with it all. If you can to wear a dress that would capture the feminine and delicate side of yours, you can. You can go for messy and wild hair, a ranch setting, etc.

The must-use prop, in this case, is a hat or two!

Classic old Hollywood heroine – Why don’t you go old school? Yes, I am talking about bobby prints, hair with massive puffs, etc. And yes how can I forget about the big bold red lips? You can experiment with this look and let your creative side out. However, it would be better to talk to your Oklahoma City Boudoir Photographer before planning the look. For preparation, you can go through the pictures and poses of old Hollywood heroines.

You can use various things as a prop such as a very classic hat, retro ringlets, etc.

So these were a few ideas for you to try. I hope that you will try one of them and yes, if you do, don’t forget to write to me.

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