Try these steps to resolve Brother Printer error 6A

Every printer is set to work under a confined operating temperature. Ant variance to that could lead to severe hardware breakdown and technical problem. The same is also true with the Brother printer. The Brother Printer Error 6A is one such problem that occurs when the heater unit inside the printer gets extremely hot. Apparently, rebooting isn’t a feasible solution to this very problem. For that, users need to adopt another way to restore this error. In this blog, we will show you how to overcome this typical hardware glitch with simple steps.

Try these steps to resolve Brother Printer error 6A

Use the following steps to overcome Brother Printer error 6A

  • On the printer control panel, press 9,9 with an aim to reset your printing machine
  • Now look out for the thermistor and make sure it’s perfected connected to the engine PCB at CN7
  • Verify of the quality of the thermal fuse is compromised or not. Replace it promptly, if it isn’t working legitimately.
  • Also, make sure that the halogen lamp is working properly.
  • Next, conduct a visual inspection of thermistors and check if its outer surface got any sign of wear or not. Also, check its placement and make sure it is neatly seated to its original position.
  • If the above steps failed to restore the error code then replace the fuser in the supervision of experts.

Probably these steps will lead you to success and let you fix this error from its root. If you still find these steps hard enough to execute then call Brother Printer technical support for further instruction. Please make sure to use our toll-free line tool-free line if you want a seamless correspondence with our executive.

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