TSS Visa and 491 Visa- Which One is Well Suitable for Me?

Australia is one of the hottest destinations to live and work. The well-developed nation faces shortages of workers in several fields. Sometimes, shortages of workers cannot be fulfilled within the nation. In this situation, they hire overseas workers. The hiring process is rigorous because of the strict work policy of Australia. A work visa goes through several stages for approval. Let’s understand the difference between a TSS visa and a 491 visa to learn which one is well suitable for you and why.

Understanding the Similarities between Them

They are provisional visas for Australia that give applicants the opportunity to apply for PR or permanent resident visa. PR is an opportunity to live and work in Australia permanently.

These visas need invitation to apply. Without invitation, applicants cannot apply for the visa directly. An approved sponsor nominates visa applicants every year.

Work experience in the relevant skills is necessary. The occupation of the applicant must be listed in the occupation list.

The approval process of both visas depends on the positive skill assessments. If the applicants fail to meet the skill assessment requirements, the visa application will not get approval.

Comparison and Differences between Them

It is vital to understand the differences and comparison between these two visas to choose a suitable one.

The 491 visa is a skilled regional visa. Here approved applicants can work in their selected region. A regional area doesn’t cover capital cities Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne.  The visa is sponsored by an Australian state or territory government agency.

Though TSS visa is a skilled visa for Australia, but is sponsored by employers in Australia facing shortages of workers. Employers of Australia get the right to hire overseas workers. It is not an area specific visa. However, the selected applicant works for their nominated employers only.

The 491 visa is a point-tested visa whereas a TSS visa is not based on point. The EOI report goes for review. A positive EOI report makes applicants eligible for the 491 visa. A TSS visa is based on skill assessment in many cases.

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