Tummy Tuck Surgery: Reasons You Might Need to Undergo This Procedure

Do you have loose skin on your abdomen after giving birth? Or maybe you have lost a lot of weight and are left with loose skin? In both cases, you will need to get tummy tuck cyprus to remove the excess skin from your abdomen. Loose skin on your abdomen occurs when your skin has expanded to its final capacity and lost its elasticity and ability to get firm over time.

Now you might wonder that isn’t liposuction and tummy tuck the same procedure? Well, the answer is no! Both these procedures have different applications and will give different results. Liposuction is meant to remove excess fat from the different areas on your body such as thighs, abdomen, hips. The procedure doesn’t tackle the issue of loose skin.

But tummy tuck surgery is specifically meant to tackle the issue of loose skin. The excess skin is removed from the abdomen and other areas. This makes your body and skin look firm and supple. But apart from loose skin, there are other reasons too that might need tummy tuck surgery.

Significant stretch marks: Now, you might know that stretch marks don’t have any permanent solution. But if you remove excess skin using the tummy tuck procedure, you can get rid of most of the stretch marks.

Loose abdominal muscles: Over time, your abdominal muscles might lose strength and elasticity. The muscles might not be able to support your abdominal organs effectively. In that case, it is wise to get a tummy tuck surgery to tighten the muscles.

So, apart from getting your pre-pregnancy body back and tightening the loose skin after massive weight loss, a tummy tuck can be used for these reasons too. And you can contact Dr. Stavros Economou for getting this procedure done.

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About Dr. Stavros Economou:

Dr. Stavros Economou is a leading plastic surgeon who is known to provide procedures such as abdominoplasty cyprus, liposuction, and more.

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