Turn into Diva donning fantastic Churas for your Wedding!

If you are a bride, you will know the importance of Kangan which makes an integral part of the ceremonies. The love for Kangan or Kangan kada is well symbolized through the various songs dedicated to these humble accessories in Bollywood. A wedding is almost lifeless without ladies donning Kangan or kada in different designs.

There are numerous types of ladies kangan which has grown in prominence for years. One among these which holds greater importance and significance in weddings are the Punjabi chura. A northern Indian wedding especially that of a Sikh or Punjabi is incomplete without chura. A bridal chura make an integral part of a Punjabi wedding. They were originally made of ivory white and red bangles which the bride dons at the time of the wedding.

However, with time there has been a surge in varied designs of bridal chura. These choora or chuda as they are popularly known as are available in different colors of maroon, dark red and pink each in the shade of auspicious red.

Significance of Choora

The Chooda is a Punjabi bangle set that is worn by the bride at the time of the wedding. This is worn for a period of 45 days to 1 year depending on how long the bride wishes to adorn it.

Types of bridal Kangan

Kangan is one of the fondest accessories that are popular among women and girls of all ages. These are single bangles which are thick and often studded with different gems and stones. Some of the most popular bangles include:

Kada bracelet

A kada bracelet is a thick round Kangan or kada that make a perfect accessory for indo-western clothing. Whether gowns or ghagra choli they aid in perfectly enhancing the overall look of the wearer.

Kangan set

One can either wear these ladies kangan separately as a single kada or in multiple colors as Kangan set. Additionally, one can opt for plain designs as well as heavy studded ladies kada design in varied colors and sizes.

How to select Kangan and Chura Designs?

Some of the aspects to consider when selecting Chooda & Kangan design are as follows:

  • Color – Punjabi chura come in different colors and varied count. Depending on how much you wish to adorn, you can select the set accordingly.
  • Design – Whether you want to go for simplistic designs or resplendent ones based on your outfit.

No matter what design you choose, Churas and Kangan will never fail to make the diva of the wedding!

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