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“I just feel that Seattle is very special,” Olsen said. “I just feel that their record is very stable. We sometimes see this in the close of Carolina. Obviously, there is Russel Wilson. In the four-defense position, he is a special player at the elite level, there are Pete Carroll. This is really an elite level environment, they are very interested in me. This opportunity is great, I can’t let go. ”

According to ESPN reporter Adam-Shefte (ADAM SCHEFTER), Gold will sign with the team for a $ 10.5 million contract, including the option of 4 years of $ 19 million contract (15 million US dollars) gold).

He sat there helpless, helplessly watching everything happen field, but unable to save the team in distress. He looked at his inheritor cheap jerseys again cleanly led opponents to complete propulsion, and he himself passing but time and again somehow and wide receiver who ‘lost contact. ” This scene is not uncommon, this kind of thing a lot of quarterbacks will encounter. But when it happens to Peyton – Manning who can only take place in such a win can not lose the game, everything becomes different.

First Way Show Eti Ati Burns (Artie Burns), Two-Way Show Safety Sannie – Davis (Sean Davis) and Three Route Show Defense Pointermal Javon Hargrave Have Operation The main role in the steelman defensive group ranked 21th and the opponent’s number of counterparts in terms of last season.

Elliot said: “I feel that there are still many variables that have not been cleared. I don’t know how they need to protect the health of the players, always put health problems first. & Hellip; & hellip; we need to ensure that players and their families & mdash; & mdash; there are coaches and their families & mdash; & mdash; not dangerous. ”

Cowboy runs to Elliott: To put the players in the first place
10 days ago, denim ran to the Ezekiel Elliott new crown detection positive. US time on Wednesday, Elliot said that he re-feels “normal” in the live broadcast of Twitch, but has not passed the doctor’s inspection.

But injuries almost all the great players of the enemy, Manning is no exception. As early as four years ago, the neck injury had sparked speculation about his early retirement, Manning can win a war seems little chance of winning. And this time, the injury factor, although not the last time so obvious, but might still not be underestimated.

Close-derive – Olsen: Effective Eagle is an opportunity to let go
Washington Hongdi has the coach Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron, and the coaches of Buffalobier have a total of people. Seanmcdermott and the executive Brandon- Brandon Beane, So choice for Greg Olsen to join Seattle Hawks?

Steelman coach Tomstone: three rookies may be starting
When the Dick Lebeau Dick LeBeau is in charge of the Pittsburgh’s steel man defensive group, it is rarely seen a new show to get the first position.

Last Tyareon completed 52 battles to achieve 597 yards 2 times. He said he felt like a rookie. “This is a new day, I will prove myself in a new team, winning the respect of the new clothes, this makes me excited,” Olsen said.

Ability to read defenses before Manning has a powerful kick-off, with the exact timing of the grasp of the hand, and now he wants to make the most important career a “reading” to complete the most important one “pass” there are shouted most importantly that of a “Omaha”.

The 6 wins and 5 negative Pittsburgh steel people fell this season. Main quartz Weimen & middot; Rotarisberg has been absent cheap nfl jerseys from china 4 games due to continuous injuries, and constant injuries also affect his play, 2343 yards and 11 passes to reach, but there is 9 Subssessed, but as long as it is still on the court, it is the biggest threat of steel people. Big Best Partners Extended Antonio & Middot; Brown this season is also downturn because of the shortage of injury, but the big return is also activated at the same time, but also won the best attack in the United States last month. Player title. In the game against the Auckland raid, Brown won the number of 284 yards, such a terrible performance will continue, we will wait and see. Due to the main run Weidane & Middt; Bell early season reimbursement, replace the Elder, De Angelo & middot; Williams assumes the heavy responsibility of the steel man’s ground attack, 563 yards and 6 times of the 6-time array is also very good completion Task. This season’s steelman’s defensive group performance has improved, and the defending end of the big contract is a big surprise. Hayward is a big surprise, he is in the League 3-4 defensive schema The first and general comments third, such performance is also a major episode of this year’s steel man’s defensive group.

Despite the defensive front line coach John Mitn mitchell, Hagleh’s main role is a rotation of Ham Heyward and Stephon Tuitt, and Stephon Tuitt. In addition, the two rookie defensive guards have the opportunity to defeat the left corner, Ross Cockrell, and Robert Golden.

Manning will retire it? This is not illusory problem. But if the time back two months, the nature of the problem will be completely different. Manning wound up state brave, is creating all kinds of records, Mustang is the hot favorite to win the Super Bowl. People talk about Manning’s retirement, talking about his mission accomplished in getting the championship. Now, the core of the problem becomes: Get the lead out, been able to eat?

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