Turner Syndrome Market 2027 by its Scientific Reviews, Clinical Application and Key Players

Turner syndrome is a rare disease in which one of the X chromosomes is totally or partially absent. Some of the symptoms of the disease are membranous neck, lymphedema and others. The increasing prevalence of the disease and the increase in the number of women are the main drivers of the market in the evaluation period. In addition, increased FDA approvals and growth in the biotechnology sector, followed by increased awareness of women’s health, should stimulate market growth. Most companies investing in R&D to develop a growth hormone that causes fewer side effects and is a long-acting hormone treatment. Technical developments in the field of recombinant human growth hormone should also stimulate the growth of the human growth hormone market during the forecast period.

The global turner syndrome market is estimated to flourish at a CAGR of 13.0%, reaching the highest valuation during forecast period, 2017-2023.

However, the high annual cost of treatment and associated side effects would hinder market growth over the forecast period. In addition, low per capita health spending in low- and middle-income countries is estimated to dampen market growth.

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Market Participants

Medtronic, Pfizer Inc., Cooper Pharma, Rocket Medical plc, Lilly USA, LLC, Genentech, Inc., Novo Nordisk, Smiths Medical, Sanofi, and others are some of the key players in the global turner syndrome market.

Market Segmentation

The global market for turner syndrome is segmented based on diagnosis, treatment and end user.

  • Based on the Diagnosis, the market is divided into physical examination, prenatal, karyotyping, and others. The segment of prenatal examinations, by diagnosis, is subdivided into ultrasound, amniocentesis, and chorionic villus sampling.
  • Based on Treatment, the global turner syndrome market is segmented into human growth hormone treatment, estrogen replacement therapy, progesterone replacement therapy, psychological treatment, and others.
  • For End users, the market is segmented into research organizations, hospitals and clinics, academic institutes, and others.

Regional Analysis

The United States dominates the global market of turner syndrome due to the increasing adoption of new technologies and the huge patient population. In addition, rising health care costs, the growing female population and the presence of developed economies and the health sector in the region are fueling market growth.

Europe is the second largest market in the global Turner syndrome market. Increased health research and development, large numbers of patients and the growing biotechnology sector are the main drivers of market growth in the region. According to the International Trade Administration, total revenues for the biotechnology industry in Germany increased from US $ 3,280 million in 2015 to US $ 3,410 million in 2016. It is also estimated that in 2016 Biotechnology research and development totaled approximately US $ 1,040 million.

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The Pacific region is the fastest growing market. Increased awareness of women’s health, rising health spending and health sector growth are the main drivers of market growth in the region over the forecast period. In addition, the presence of developing countries such as India and China in the region is fueling market growth.

The Middle East and Africa hold the smallest share of the global Turner syndrome market. The presence of poor economies and rigid government policies, particularly in the African region, are impeding market growth in the region. Most of the Central African region’s market is maintained by the Middle East due to a well-developed health sector and huge healthcare costs due to the presence of developed economies such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar in the region.

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