Turning the Ordinary into the Exemplary with Silver

If you were to randomly think of something you use or interact with daily, say, like cufflinks or the framed family photos you pass on the hallway on your way out, would you say there was anything remarkable about them? And yet, they occupy your space and are part of your life.


Without some of these items, it would be obvious that something was missing. Going back to the cufflinks, how quickly would you adjust to wearing your shirts and suits without cufflinks? If this is part of what defines your everyday look, you can’t imagine going into a meeting without your cufflinks in place.


Maybe it makes you feel like you were walking around in sagging jeans. No offense to the youngsters for whom saggy pants are a fashion statement. But because cufflinks are such an intricate component of your signature look, they become more than an accessory. They are a necessity.


The real question, though, is: Are your cufflinks working for you or are they taking away from the image you’re trying to put across?


Ordinary cufflinks will have folks taking one look at you and saying, “Oh, well, just another businessman trying to make it.”


But sterling silver cufflinks UK designed and made, now those will elevate you to a status where people stop and take notice. You go from trying to get people’s attention to commanding favourable response and reactions. The results: More authority, more business, more success. Isn’t that what we all want?


Let’s focus on the second item mentioned earlier that’s commonly found in our homes and offices: The framed photo.


The reason we display framed photos of ourselves, our family, friends, colleagues, pictures we took with important people, or certain objects is because these images hold meaning for us. Otherwise, we wouldn’t bother putting them up.


You can make your photos pop by using a personalised silver photo frame. Nothing says, “Hey, look at me!” better than a sterling silver photo frame. It’s classy, timeless and its reflective nature draws attention to the photo.


If you want an even more unique look, take it a level higher with an engraved silver photo frame. By adding a custom message, signature, monogram or other symbol, you transform the frame into an heirloom that lives long after you.


And because it’s made from durable sterling silver, you can be sure the photo frame won’t be getting disposed of in the near future.

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