Twitter & Facebook To Allow Employees to Work From Home Permanently

Twitter and Facebook are going to allow its employees to work from home permanently. Here is an overview of the whole matter.

Both social media platforms, Twitter and Facebook, are going to follow the work from home model. Both companies have decided to allow most of the employees remote working indefinitely. It seems that both companies are willing to lead such a significant change to embrace working from home. If any other companies will also step up to take such measures, then it is going to be a big success for both the platforms. The ongoing health outbreak has changed the world in many ways forcing people to follow social distancing measures. Most of the shops, businesses, offices and public places have been shut down due to the ongoing health outbreak. The shutting down of companies, enterprises and companies have forced people to work remotely from home. Now, most of the companies are allowing its employees to work from home so their productivity could remain unaffected.

Of the two social media platforms, Twitter was the first to take such a step and announced while allowing its employees to work from permanently unless they are not required physically. After Twitter, recently, Facebook has also announced the same decision. The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, informed the employees regarding the decision in a live stream and said the company would allow its 50 per cent employees to work from home permanently. Facebook CEO said the company is expecting that almost 5o per cent of its employees will work from home forever in the coming ten years.

Twitter Vs. Facebook on Working from Home

The ongoing health outbreak is the main reason behind such decisions taken by both companies. No one can say when things will come to normalcy. Amidst such a scenario, several companies are looking into the options to keep their productivity increased, including Twitter and Facebook. Most of the companies are realizing that they no longer can depend on in-person meetings and physical locations. The current scenario has provided an opportunity for many people and companies to embrace work from home. Also, we can’t ignore the other benefits that we will get from working from the home condition. For instance, The Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has explained a lot of benefits of work from home in his statement. He said work from home would not only reduce the pollution but benefit the environment in several other ways also. Apart from this, he highlighted that in future, it would expand the job opportunities more quickly as hiring someone will not require the person to come to the physical workplace. Moreover, it will help the companies to hire aggressively shortly.

However, the Facebook CEO has suggested several positive aspects of the decision taken by his company. But, it seems there are some selfish reasons that are also working behind it. While looking at the blog posted by Twitter, the company is pointing out how it is the first company to take such a decision. Similarly, Facebook has also highlighted itself to the forward-looking company regarding embracing work from home. Both companies want everyone to know that they are first to embrace work from home for their employees. Many people may think about some deeper-seated reasons behind the decision of companies to embrace work from home. Also, the two platforms are encouraging all other companies to take such a decision. It is also true that both companies have witnessed a considerable surge in demand for their services. The demand for social media platforms is going to increase more and more in this work from home world. Not to mention, it is not only the main services of Facebook and Twitter that have witnessed a surge in demand, but other services such as Facebook Live, Periscope, WhatsApp, Messenger and Portal have also benefited. It is worthwhile to note that working from home is an approach based on technology. Both platforms are selling products and services based on technology that can be used in remote locations. So, it is not surprising that Facebook and Twitter are willing to encourage everyone, including companies and people, to work from home. Moreover, not to mention, working from home approach will save the costs of companies incurred on setting up physical offices and relocating staff along with day to day expenditures.

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