Two Common Issues You Might Encounter with Pipe Packing

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Unlike RYO smokes that you can roll using a Rollit rolling paper, consuming tobacco in pipes requires you to pack the product into their hole before going ahead to puff. It’s a process that requires patience and the right tools. However, regardless of how experienced you are or how effective your tools are, you’re likely to encounter particular challenges when packing your pipe. We’ll be examining two of them below;

Hard Pipe Draw

A tough draw is one of the numerous challenges you might encounter when packing a pipe. This situation can be highly frustrating, especially when a good smoke like Captain Black pipe tobacco is involved. It often results from over-packing, i.e., it occurs when you pack the device too firmly or when you fail to adhere to the proper procedure. Coming across this issue might also be due to adding a few layers too many to the tool or tamping too hard.

If, after packing, you realize that the draw is tough, consider unpacking, take your pipe apart, and check the stem and draught hole for blockages. There’s a high chance of finding an obstacle in the way of getting a smooth draw. So, when filling your tool in preparation for a session, avoid tamping too hard to prevent you from dealing with a strong pull.

Pipe Keeps Extinguishing Mid-Smoke

Many smokers have often complained of their pipes going out mid-smoke; well, it isn’t a strange thing. Several factors could be responsible for your smoking device going out while enjoying it; the smoking technique adopted is one of them. Pipe smoking is an art that requires a systematic approach. Every aspect is highly significant to the overall experience. Following a standard smoking technique will save you lots of trouble when puffing.

Inconsistent packing is another factor that can make your pipe go out amid a smoking session. Ensure you follow your packing guide consistently to save yourself the stress of re-lighting your smoke. Visit our website to know more about smoke packing.


When it comes to pipe packing, it’s normal to encounter some setbacks; however, don’t fret as they’re all part of the process. Follow Smokers Outlet on for more tips.

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