Two Crucial Words in Blogging, Persuasion, and Copywriting

Just imagine this, by the time you finish reading this blog, you will become an even better writer only because you learned about the two words that are of utmost importance and the reasons why it is so.

As a matter of fact, you can find both the words in the previous sentence together with the clues about why they are so important.

If you couldn’t catch them, there’s nothing to be worried about; continue reading the blog to find them.

“You” Is the First Most Important Word

Did you find the first line persuasive? If yes, then why?

Actually, the better question will be – who was the center of focus in the starting sentence?

Okay, what about this – Did the words “I” or “me” popped up in this blog before this line?

It is indeed ironic that a channel that was initially used as a platform for self-absorbed journaling now needs to be vastly reader-focused to be effective.

Note: In case you are blogging or writing for marketing or PR purposes, all your posts need to be consciously aimed at the readers’ wants and needs.

For You to Benefit, Readers Should Benefit First

As far as writing engaging content is concerned, “you” is undeniably the most influential word because people are only keen to satisfy their wants and needs at the end of the day.

It might sound brutal, but the truth is that your readers won’t really begin caring about you unless you have continuously offered them extraordinary value via your blog for a long period.

But remember, once your readers actually start caring about you, pay attention because amazing things are about to happen (like evangelism marketing).

The same content will become even more effective once you shift the focus towards the readers. The best and easiest way to do so is by maximizing the use of “you” in your content while minimizing or, whenever possible, completely removing the use of “I” and “me.”

Moreover, as soon as you are done writing a piece of content, run a quick test to check its focus. Note down the number of times “you” and its spin-offs show up. Do the same for the words “I,” “me,” and its derivations. Once you have the count, fine-tune the content accordingly.

Try this tactic, and you will be surprised to see the results.

“Because” Is the Other Most Important Word

Precision is one of the most important attributes of persuasive content. The more precise you are, the more reliable your points, sales pitch, or arguments will be.

There are multiple ways to be precise in your content. And one of the best ways to do so is to give a reason. The “why” behind anything is very powerful and the most effective transition term while stating that “why” is “because.”

Giving a reason makes your assertion more powerful and persuasive. Always be precise in your statements and state the “why” part, especially when you want the readers to take any action.


By understanding the importance of these two words, you can effectively produce better content. Start implementing these in your writing to make it more compelling and influential. The key to becoming a great writer lies in making your content reader-focused. Always bear this in mind – For you to benefit, readers should benefit first. Try it once, and you will experience the magic yourself.

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SOURCE : Two Crucial Words in Blogging, Persuasion, and Copywriting

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