Two Types of In-Cabin Carriers You Can Choose From

Do you have a pet dog or cat? If yes, you would agree that they are one of the most important members of your family. It breaks your heart to leave them behind when you are going on a vacation. But not anymore! Now, most airlines allow taking your pet dog or cats with you. Yes, that’s right! Airlines do allow you to take your pets in an in cabin dog carrier or cat carrier. These in-cabin pet carriers are made keeping the airline specifications in mind.

But even then, you must be careful when you are buying an in-cabin pet carrier. Sometimes, airlines change their pet carrier measurements according to their needs. So, don’t forget to check on your preferred airline website about the measurement.

Now, when you go on the market to buy an in-cabin pet carrier you fill find two types.

· Hard-sided pet carriers: These carriers are made of plastic and have hard sides. These pet carriers are quite sturdy and don’t break easily. But if you want to keep your pet carrier under your seat, a hard-sided pet carrier is not the best choice. They can’t be compressed according to your under the seat space. These are perfect for cats.

· Soft-sided pet carriers: These are made of such material that is lightweight and can be stored easily while travelling. You can also compress the soft-sided pet carrier if you intend to put it under your seat. So, if you want to carry something lightweight, choose a soft-sided pet carrier.

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