Two Ways to Protect Your Automatic Watch

Automatic watch owners are passionate and dedicated. That’s because an automatic watch isn’t just a timepiece one straps around their wrist. And, an automatic watch isn’t just a pretty piece of jewelry one wears to accentuate trendy fashion. Automatic watches are investment items that continue to grow more valuable the longer one owns them. That’s rare. Most things decrease in value the moment an induvial purchases them. That goes for new cars. boats, video games, handbags, wedding gowns, furniture, timeshares, books, engagement rings, toys, and mobile phones. The few things that increase in value upon purchase include stocks, sports collectibles, gold, land, cryptocurrency, and automatic watches.

Like all items that increase in value, automatic watch owners should protect their investment from theft, loss, theft, and/or damage. Insurance and watch winders are two excellent ways in which to do just that.


Insurance often pays for the replacement or repair of a lost and/or damaged automatic watch. Some companies allow an automatic watch owner to add their piece to a current homeowner’s policy and some companies offer watch insurance.

Automatic watch owners should make sure they have a photograph of their automatic watch and maintain copies of purchase receipts in a secure place, such as a safe or safety deposit box.

Purchasing separate watch insurance or adding a watch to a homeowner’s policy may increase expenses. Such is, of course, a valid concern. But, considering an automatic watch’s value and irreplaceability, it is a wise choice.

Watch Winders

A watch winder is another way in which automatic watch owners can protect their watches.

Once set, an automatic watch requires no battery or winding – the wearer’s motions transfer energy to the watch’s internal mechanism and keeps it running. If the wearer removes the watch, however, it will stop working. A watch winder imitates the wearer’s motions and keeps an automatic watch running. Such keeps all working parts functioning, allows the watch to say accurate, and cuts down on repairs.

Watch winders, just by offering a constant place in which to store an automatic watch, inherently cuts down on misplacement and loss. Plus they offer an attractive place for which to display pieces.

Fingerprint watch winders, which utilize BioMetric FingerPrint Technology, offer convenient access. Wearers no longer have to remember passwords or bother with keys.

A watch winder is a one-time purchase that continually protects an automatic watch. It is, thus, an extremely wise choice.


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