Types, Advantages, and Managing Tips for Storage Silos

A wide range of industries need storage silos for the safekeeping of materials – raw, semi processed, and completely processed. But different silos have different applications, catering to a specific material or two. So how do you know which is best for you? Here are all the basics you need to know about storage silos.

Types of silos and their advantages:

  • Tower silos

Tower silos are the most common type of silo, known for their cylindrical structures. They are typically around 10 to 90 meters in height, made of wood staves, concrete, and steel panels.

These silos are best for packing substances due to their size and weight. In addition, they require less area for construction because they are longer vertically rather than horizontally.

  • Bunker silos

As their name suggests, bunker silos are trenches built with concrete walls. They are traditionally seen on the farm, filled and packed with tractors and loaders. However, these silos must be covered with plastic tarps to prevent air from escaping.

The greatest advantage of bunker silos is their capacity. They can hold tons of material without sacrificing unloading rates, which is ideal for large-scale operations. Moreover, they are relatively inexpensive to maintain.

  • Silo bags

Silo bags are long plastic tubes that range from 2.4 to 3.6 m in diameter. They are made to be packed and sealed on both ends after filling, offering a flexible storage system for feeds and grain.

These silos are some of the more affordable options on the market, requiring a lower capital investment than tower or bunker silos. Additionally, they are excellent for inventory management and help lower storage losses.

How to manage your storage silos?

Silos are designed for the storage of different materials, such as barley, sugar, tobacco, beans, and chemicals, among other things. You may need additional equipment and accessories to manage these substances, depending on their properties—pressure relief valves, air vents, and high/low-level sensors are just a few examples. Moreover, you must consider your loading options, which can be through a vacuum device, screw conveyor, or manual loading.

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