Types and Specifications of GI Earthing Electrodes

What specifically is a GI Earthing Electrode used for?

GI (Galvanised Iron) Earthing Electrodes offer a low-impedance ground in areas with the highest soil resistivity. Even in sandy or rocky soil conditions, the method absorbs lightning energy and other dangerous electrical fault currents when used in conjunction with Reflow Grounding Minerals.

GI Earthing Electrode Supplier in India

Veraizen Earthing is a well-known producer and supplier of GI Earthing Electrodes. We are a significant manufacturer and supplier of GI Earthing Electrodes manufacturer in India. This product is customised to meet the unique needs of our customers. The electrode on offer is frequently used to protect people from accidents brought on by accumulation in industrial settings, residential areas, microwave antennas, and telecommunication towers.

Types of GI Earthing Electrode:

We can customise this product to meet your needs because we are a leading manufacturer and supplier of GI Earthing Electrodes, GI Pipe EarthingGI Pipe in Pipe Electrode, and GI Earthing. The given electrode is frequently used to prevent electrocution in industrial settings, residential regions, microwave antennas, telecommunication towers, and other structures. The GI Earthing Electrode is a component of the chemical earthing system that is easy to install. We are also the leading supplier of GI Earthing Electrodes in India. We also offer the Copper Earthing Electrode as a product.

GI Earthing Electrode Features

  • Designed for fast fault current dissipation.
  • Low maintenance and low space requirement.
  • Easy and Fast installation
  • Most suitable for electrode condition with oh value between 5.0 to 8.0
  • Moisture booster chemical bag provided for low earth resistance
  • No need to pour water

Benefits of GI Earthing Electrode

  • prevention of disasters caused on by stray current and static charges
  • Protection of the main electronic, electrical, and communication systems.
  • maintaining the electrical substation’s requirement for grounding safety
  • system for preventing lightning
  • For Neutral Earth Systems
  • The cost is cheaper than the copper electrode.
  • In comparison to a typical iron rod, the corrosion process is slower.
  • It lasts for more than 6-7 years.


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