Types of 4D Bets

If you have ever played 4D, you will know that there are two betting options: Small and Big. In small bets, if that number appears in any of the top three prize categories, you win! On the other hand, big bets allow you to win a prize as long as your number is chosen as one of the 23 winning numbers.

Apart from placing small and big bets when you buy 4D online, you also have to determine how you will be placing your bets on your preferred 4D numbers. There are five different types of 4D bets: Ordinary Entry, System Entry, iBet Entry, 4D Roll Entry, and Quick Pick.

Ordinary Entry

The Ordinary bet is the default type where the player picks four numbers and states the amount they wish to bet.


For those who are looking to maximize their winnings, Quickpick can help you do so. This method involves choosing one of the four prize groups that you would like to play. If you are lucky enough to match all five, you will win the big prize, while the smaller bet will help you win the second and third prize groups. This technique also allows you to save time because you can pick up tickets even before the official draw begins.

System Entry

The System Entry allows players to enter as many possible combinations as they wish and covers all possible grounds. The price of the System Entry ticket varies depending on how many combinations are entered and the prize amount.

iBet Entry

System Entry and iBet 4D are the same type of lottery entry but have different prices. The difference lies in the prize money. System Entry requires you to choose four digits and mark them accordingly, whereas iBet allows you to bet on more combinations without reducing the prize money.

4D Roll Entry

Each bet slip contains four numbers, and you are required to choose a “rolling digit” (this is represented by ‘R,’ and will represent any number from 0 to nine). So, for instance, you choose to place bets on 12R4; you are placing bets on 1204, 1214, 1224, 1234, 1244, 1254, 1264, 1274, 1284, and 1294.


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