Types Of Accommodation – All You Need To Know!


Are you planning for a holiday? Looking for accommodation in Esperance WA? Then you need to know the various types of Esperance accommodation so that you can choose the one right for you and your family.


Motel accommodation usually includes a choice of studio, one or two bedroom apartments. Tea, coffee and sometimes cooking facilities are offered, and a television is available in most units. Motels are very affordable, suitable for the budget traveller who appreciates the convenience of living in a hotel. Motel accommodation in Australia is usually of a high quality, compared with many other countries.


When your clients are staying in a major city or resort area, apartments are a great choice. When on vacation, they can cook their own meals, do their own laundry and enjoy the feeling of having their own space.

Bed And Breakfasts

Bed & Breakfast is a beautifully diverse combination of hosts and houses of all sorts, and this is part of the appeal. B&B hosts are like instant friends you meet along the way, by opening their homes and their hearts to travellers who need a comfortable bed for a night or two.

Luxury Accommodation

Luxury accommodation in Esperance is highly welcoming and caters to the most discerning visitors in a class of their own. Take care of your every need, dine on fine gourmet food and experience the highest degree of hosting and services. A luxury lodge is completely comfortable and provides a holiday experience that is unforgettable.

Lodges And Boutiques

Select from a varied range of accommodation, usually offering unique amenities, venue, service and guest experiences, including vineyard cottages, historic estates or boutique guest houses. Lodge accommodation and Boutique can be a delight for the night or for your whole holiday. Wake up to a stunning alpine vista or a scenic freshwater lake.


Homestay accommodation is often pleasant in an Australian home, with welcoming hosts who are happy to introduce their customers to friends and other locals. Both domestic facilities, including the bathroom/s, are shared with the family and meals are consumed together too, sometimes including dinner. Homestay hosts are naturally great personalities, and it will be happily social for your customers to stay with them.

Campgrounds And Holiday Parks

Holiday parks have tents, caravans and campervans with sites, and many also have basic cabins, self-contained hotel units and lodges for backpackers. Customers may choose a powered or non-powered site, setting up camp or parking a motorhome. It is still part of the bargain to conveniently access a common kitchen and bathroom facilities.

Farm Stays

If you want a real taste of rustic, authentic farm life, farm stays are a unique accommodation choice. Sometimes comparable to a Bed & Breakfast, your clients can stay in their hosts’ home with a few more hands-on activity opportunities thrown in. Farm stay accommodation helps individuals to feel like part of the farming family and when travelling with a few friends or kids, it is perfect.

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