Types of Acupuncture Treatment for Different Medical Conditions

Apart from traditional treatment methods, several other treatment methods have been gaining popularity recently. Treatments such as physiotherapy, massage therapy or acupuncture Mississauga, all these treatment methods are used in addition to conventional methods. Different people different types of treatments but this article is focused on giving you an idea about acupuncture and its types. To define in brief, acupuncture can be defined as a form of alternative medicine that primarily makes use of needles to treat a variety of conditions. Just like any other treatment, acupuncture also has different types of acupuncture treatments that are used based on the requirement. Following are a few of the types of acupuncture that popularly used as a part of the treatment plan:

Electroacupuncture: In this type, the needles are stimulated with the electric current because of which the patient might feel the mild sensation. This is suitable for a lot of many conditions but not for all types of patients.

Heat treatment and acupuncture: In this type, heat lamps are put over the acupuncture needles which heat the needle, passing it down to the point resulting in a substantial effect. Such treatment is used to treat sports injuries.

Body acupuncture: This is the most common type of acupuncture used for treatment. In this, the fine needles are inserted at the required acupuncture points. These points are determined based on the treatment of patient needs.

Magnets and Acupuncture: Do you have motion sickness? Then this is the type you should opt for where magnets are kept on the points for getting the desired effect.

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