Types Of Background Checks and Facts Included Therein

Almost every company conducts a background check of the job seekers. As per this process, a hiring authority verifies the details of a person before sending him or her offer letter.

While conducting employee background verification, the hiring authority can arrange the details like criminal records, educational qualifications, employment history, etc. Hence every job seeker has to know about the employment screening that a company opts for.

  • Checking of service record:- No company wants to hire someone who can be a liability to the proprietor in the future. Every hiring authority will need an employee who possesses a fair service record.
  • Checking of criminal records:- Before hiring an employee, a company does the screening of criminal records. The authority checks whether the person has any criminal record like embezzlement, sexual harassment, fraud, etc.
  • Checking of credentials:- A job seeker must know that a company will verify the educational certificates before joining. Hence, one should refrain from submitting any false certificate. Once the hiring authority is satisfied with the credentials you have submitted to them, they will ask you to join their team.
  • Checking of Universal Background:- Checking of Universal Background is mandatory among many companies. This checking confirms that whether a person has bought a gun or other firearms at any time during his lifetime. This checking will also disclose whether the person bought these firearms from licensed or unlicensed dealers.
  • OIG background screening:- This background checking shows whether a person has conducted any healthcare-related crime or not. The screening process mandatory as per the Social Security Act. A company can do this screening free of cost on the OIG website.
  • E-verification: – Before hiring an employee, a company conducts e-verification background checking. This process helps a hiring authority to check the identity of a new employer.
  • Fingerprint checking: – This checking is a part of the pre-employment background checking. This checking is mandatory for Government-run organizations like schools, hospitals, fire departments, law enforcement departments, etc.
  • International background checking: – If a job seeker has spent some years in other countries due to employment or educational purposes, an employer must check the international background before joining.
  • Checking of credit score: – If you are applying for a job where you need to deal with money, the hiring authority will check your credit score. They will check your payment history, civil judgments, tax liens, list of unpaid bills, etc.

Those above are the types of employment screening that are done by the employers based on the facts they wish to know about the candidate. There are many companies which are specialized in pre-employment check. If you want to hire one of the reputed firms for this job, then we will suggest the name of iCrederity. This company is having years of experience in the industry and helped many companies in checking the background of the candidates they wished to hire. To get more information as to how they act on the request of the companies, you can connect with the experts of the company directly. Quality services are something that is guaranteed by the company.

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