Types of Backup Taken by ITAD Companies Chicago

We all are aware that we must back up our data and wipe off our system before sending our old computer for recycling. This is where ITAD disposition companies Chicago enter the scene. Doing this is not only important for the safety and security of your confidential data, but it also gives you peace of mind that your files and information will not be leaked out. Businesses produce thousands of files every year, and even individuals produce several data files, images, video and audio files that they won’t want to share with strangers. If your phone gets stolen, computer gets infected, or an accident happens, ITAD companies Chicago will help in keeping a backup of your data, so that you don’t lose it in case of a mishap. The need to hire these companies lies in the fact taking a backup takes time and effort, and it is quite complicated too. With these companies, it has become easier than ever to backup data and dispose of old computers, laptops and hard drives.

Types of Backup

Backing up is not as simple as copying files from one place on your computer to the other, such as from your disk drive to a USB flash drive. But when you make use of an IT asset disposition solution Chicago, they use an entire range of tools to do much more than that. Here are a few backup types they may do for you:

  • Backup of specific files and folders: If you want to backup only a few files and folders in your computer, then they would use software to pick those files and back them up. They would back up the files time and again to update the files and folders.Many computers have integrated backup and restore features that the ITAD disposition companies Chicago to create a backup of your full system. In case your operating system has gone bad, these companies also create a repair CD for you. These companies create a full copy of your entire operating system, so that you can restore it whenever you want.
  • Backup of the File History: Most latest operating systems have a backup option to take a backup of the entire File History. A secondary drive is used to take a backup of your file history, so that you can restore the version of a file you want to recover later. It is extremely easy to setup the File History, but it has some limitations as well.

If you have more than one computer, then you can make use of synchronization software to access all your files from any PC. Whenever you make a change to a file or folder in one computer, it is automatically updated in all the PCs in the network. This means that the backup of your files can also be accessed from any device, including smartphones.

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