Types of Distribution Services Popular in UAE

One of the key ingredients of business in the UAE is probably the distribution service. UAE has the 30th largest economy in the world and the population here is paying and opulent. It has got a high ranking in the ease of doing business list.

  • UAE has one of the largest markets of retailing in the world.
  • The region has so many Fortune 500 companies
  • The retail sector is expanding here at the rate of more than 5%
  • The majority lives in the urban or upmarket areas
  • There is the presence of many big retail groups in the region
  • You have a variety of choices to sell your products like direct sales or e-commerce
  • The most lucrative option for distribution service business would be to partner the common commercial businesses

You can have the following distribution services:

  • E-Commerce: The e-commerce service is spreading in the region opening up the doors of opportunities to the people like you. E-commerce is prolific in the region due to the wide use of internet services. There is easy internet access. The customers of this region are more and more choosing the online channels for shopping and other services.
  • You can use an agent or a distributor. You can opt-out of opening an office and decide on appointing a local agent or distributor. These people have the resource and potential to sell and distribute the products. You can avoid having your establishment and incurring costs on them.
  • Appointing local agents. The local agents are equipped with the knowledge of the prevailing laws and the local contacts. You can avoid running around and depend on a carefully chosen agent to do your work.

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