Types Of Electronics Manufacturing Services

Electronics manufacturing services are offered by organizations that design, build, test, deliver and extend after-sales services for electronic parts as well as assemblies. A reliable provider will give you comprehensive services and guide you through the entire manufacturing process. What are the services included in the EMS package?


Assembly Of Printed Circuit Board Assembly


PCB assembly is the process where either through-hole or surface mount technology is used in order to solder elements such as resistors, transistors, etc. and embedded into a bare board. A comprehensive PCB allows you to efficiently route your power and signals between various physical devices.


Working with through-hole takes a bit longer as it leverages more interaction between the human and the board. On the other hand, surface-mount technology is more advanced and is commonly used in modern products. Circuit board elements are very tiny, so you do not know where things went wrong until the testing process comes.


Assembly Of Cable


When you get electronic assembly services in terms of cable assemblies, it includes integration of many products. These services include assembly of harsh-environment cable, control panels or boxes, harnesses, panel wiring and assembly, and mechanical subassemblies. A good service provider would engineer, manufacture, and test all these products.


In this, the manufacturer leverages hand soldering; ensure that your service provider is certified for it. Basically, a single component is created using different materials. The first material, also known as the substrate, partially covers the other materials, also known as overmolds. These cables can be put to function as well as pull tests that include hi-pot testing, continuity test, and cable test.


Assembly of Electromechanical Assembly


These services include assembly of the product of different enclosures such as plastic, aluminium, and steel. A credible electronics manufacturer has an in-house assembly team, which uses these services. These vendors may also provide services such as custom shipment packaging, encapsulation, configuration management, functional testing, potting and heat shrink, and 3-D modelling.


Configuration management is a means of creating consistency in the performance and appearance of the products. Potting is a process of including a finished assembly using goo-like stuff in order to enhance the vibration, moisture, shock and resistance to corrosion. A shrinkable plastic tubing called heat shrink is layered over the cable at last.


Contract Design


Companies that offer Electronics Assembly Services also provide contract design. This particular design allows you to leverage the advantage of expert engineers as well as production teams focused on a specific industry. The teams produce environmental tests for compliance, DFX analysis, validations tests, software and firmware, etc. In this service, the vendor provides step-by-step documentation and adheres to regulatory approval. Credible electronics manufacturing services should center on engineering, material management, and other processes to offer an extensive design.




Prior to shipping the circuit board, a reliable service provider would do comprehensive testing to check whether or not every element is functioning properly. If testing is not done properly, it can compromise the quality of the supply chain. There are different types of testing that vendors including –


  • In-circuit testing
  • Burn-in testing
  • Flying probe testing
  • Automated optical inspection




PCB prototyping can assist in avoiding embarrassing situations during the launch. PCB prototyping services are designed in four forms that include visual model, functional prototype, working prototype, proof, and proof of concept.


Final Thoughts


To get the most out of your money, you need to choose a reliable vendor that offers after-sales services. These services include calibration, refurbishing, repairing, and upgrading. Vendors help you with issues related to failure analysis to keep your products performing efficiently for a long period of time.

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