Types of gels suitable for cheek gel injection, price

 What are the reasons for cheek gel injection?

Gel injection is one of the most popular types of gel injection. This method makes your face more prominent and beautiful in youth and eliminates sagging and signs of aging in your face at older ages. Various factors can change the shape and shape of your cheeks. but do not worry! Injecting gel on the cheek can create a strong barrier against all these factors.

Many people think that injecting the gel into the cheeks or other parts of the face will damage their skin tissues in the long run. In addition, these people believe that using this method will only have short-term results and will intensify the injuries after a while. Others think that the gels used in this method loosen after a while and change the shape of the face. There are many concerns and questions about gel injections into the cheeks. In this article, we intend to answer your questions and address your concerns as much as possible.

Benefits of cheek gel injection

If you are planning to inject gel into your cheeks, it is better to get acquainted with its advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages of this method are as follows.

Cheek highlighting and facial beauty: As we said before, this method can eliminate the damage caused by aging or excessive dry skin. In addition, if you are interested in prominent features, try the effect of this method.

• Short operation time along with long shelf life: The duration of this operation in the longest case is less than half an hour. So you do not need to waste time doing it. In addition, depending on the type of gel selected and the age of the people, its shelf life varies between 6 months to two years. So you will not have to worry about extending it.

No need for care and rest after the operation: Performing the gel injection operation is very painless. This method does not require anesthesia, and in some cases the doctor uses anesthetics. So you can start your daily activities immediately after the operation. You just have to follow some small points, which we will explain in another section.

• Possibility to reduce the volume of the gel or completely empty it: If you are dissatisfied with the results of the gel injection, you can empty all or part of the gel with your doctor’s advice. Note that if you intend to do this, be sure to get help from the injecting doctor and leave it to him. Our advice is not to go to another doctor to reduce the volume or drain the gel.

No damage to skin tissues: The gel used to inject into the cheeks is usually made of hyaluronic acid. For this reason, it is absorbed by the skin over time and does not damage its tissues. For this reason, gels need to be renewed after a while. Therefore, there is no need to worry about gel damage to skin tissue.

Follow these tips before injecting.

Avoid smoking, alcohol, drugs and blood-thinning foods.

• Do not use cosmetics and visit the day of injection with skin without makeup.

Stop taking anti-inflammatory drugs such as painkillers.

Follow these tips after the injection.

• Do not leave the house without using sunscreen.

• Do not use cosmetics.

• Use a cold compress after the injection and take the prescribed tablets on time. This will reduce the inflammation and shorten the side effects.

Avoid scratching, massaging or squeezing the skin.

• Sleep in an open arch for up to two days after the injection.

Avoid smoking, hookah or alcohol for at least a week.

What are the results of cheek gel injection?

The outcome of a cheek gel injection largely depends on the cosmetic doctor and the clinic you choose to visit.

If the gel is not intended for original use, it will have bad effects on the skin and face.

It is better to wait a week to see the full result of the cheek gel injection, because the affected area may be a little swollen after the injection.

Between one and two days, you should know that a large volume of the injected gel is being absorbed by the body, and the reason for the high injection of the gel is that to compensate for its deficiency after absorption.

Under any circumstances, avoid injecting cheek gel in beauty salons and centers that are not allowed, because not only will you not see the longevity of cheek gel injections, but contaminated and inappropriate injections will occur that may have irreparable consequences.

To see the desired result, wait for the extra swelling and gel to disappear to see a natural and beautiful face.

If you notice symptoms such as bruising, redness and swelling after the gel injection, you should know that it is completely natural and transient and you will see its complete recovery after a short time and also the durability of the gel injection.

Do you know the shelf life of Radis gel injection?

First of all, you should know that Radis gel is composed of a natural substance called calcium hydroxy and it can be considered as one of the most effective treatment methods for removing wrinkles on the face and other areas. Compared to other types of gels, it can be said that Radis gel has gradual results and the shelf life of this type of gel injection is between 18 to 24 months.

This type of gel has the ability to stimulate the body’s collagen after they are regenerated and hydrates the skin naturally. Radis gel injection lasts longer than other gels.

Gels are used to replenish and compensate for the lost volume of the cheeks during aging, when the adipose tissue of the cheek is degraded and gives it a appearance.

Gel injection is a minimally invasive method to remove wrinkles, laugh lines and frown lines, and also by highlighting the lips and cheeks, they rejuvenate and rejuvenate these areas.

Since beauty standards these days make people with prominent cheeks more attractive and various factors cause the skin to loosen, this injection will be very effective in changing the appearance of the person. These factors include weight loss and aging, which make our face look slim and tired.

Inject the gel into the cheeks of people with stretched faces

One of the main uses of fillers is to modify the shape of the face to the liking of each person on a semi-permanent basis. Cheek gel injections are usually best for elongated faces. Because as the cheeks become larger, the shape of the face changes from rectangular to circular and oval. The best gel for injecting the cheeks of people who are not satisfied with the general condition of their face is geoderm and restilin, which is also used in Dr. Pakdel Beauty Clinic.

How much gel is enough to inject?

This is quite relative. The injection unit is “CC” gel. How many cc is needed to inject into the cheeks depends on the following factors:

• The desired and ideal form of the applicant

• The potential and elasticity of a person’s skin tissue

• Age of the person

• Face form

• Physician’s discretion and opinion

Necessary preparation before injecting gel into the cheeks

First you need to choose a reputable center that has a skilled medical team. Then book an appointment and consultation. After consulting with a trained doctor, talk about the cost of cheek gel injections, shelf life, benefits, side effects, how to care, ideal form and desired results. Then inject if desired. You may need to consider the following before injecting:

1- From 2 weeks before the injection, you should avoid taking blood thinners such as aspirin.

Tell your doctor at a consultation if you are taking blood thinners. They may provide additional guidance on how to prepare for a cheek gel injection.

Choose the best gel for cheek injections and talk about it with your doctor in a consultation.

How is gel injected into the cheeks?

After all the observations have been made, it is time to inject the gel. First, you will be placed in a fixed chair. The doctor injects a local anesthetic into the affected area so that you do not experience any pain during the injection. Sometimes these anesthetics may be combined with gels and injected into the cheeks. The minimum time it may take to inject the gel into the cheek is about half an hour. After that, if the best gel is used for cheek injections, you will see amazing results immediately. Of course, in most cases, the cheeks swell and appear slightly larger than the original. However, due to the fact that this method is non-invasive and non-surgical, it does not have a special recovery period. You can leave the office immediately, drive and even go to work immediately after the injection.

Is cheek gel injection better or fat injection?

Before we get into how to inject gel into the cheeks and face, it is good to know a comparison between injecting fat into the cheeks and injecting a filler into it. Our comparison is purely scientific, and each of the gel and fat injections has its own advantages and disadvantages, which we will discuss later:

1. Gel injections take much less time than fat and make the operation easier. Liposuction is a three-step process (extraction of fat from the desired areas, separation of pure fat in a special device and injection of fat into the desired area) and compared to gel injection, it takes more time.

2. Due to the fact that fat is from the body itself, there is a possibility of lower aggression than gel injection. Of course, hyaluronic acid gel is completely of the body itself due to the connective tissue inside the body and does not cause infection.

3. Hyaluronic gel, due to its better texture than fat, allows the surgeon to adjust and shape more.

4. Fat injected into the tissue due to the type of fat, between 40 to 50% is possible after 6 months. In contrast, gels and fillers have a much higher percentage of stability than fats.

5. Liposuction is slightly cheaper than gel injections.

6. The recovery period of both is almost the same and in this respect they are not particularly superior to each other.

Geoderm gel injection and sorting

Skin gels are injectable cosmetics that are used to increase volume (highlight cheeks without surgery) and reshape the injection site, such as injectable gels for the face, cheeks and chin.

A small amount of injectable geloderm gel is injected directly into the skin with a fine needle. After cleansing the treated area, an anesthetic cream is applied. This anesthesia assures you that an injection is being given, causing you minimal discomfort and pain. The gel injection procedure makes the face look fatter and the skin softer and wrinkle-free. Joviderm gel also gives a younger and fresher shape in the form of volume and the part in which the gel is injected.

The type of gel you choose for injection is important in several ways (Article: Types of gels or fillers); The first and most important point is that the gel is healthy and also that it is not harmful to the body, and then we can point out the durability of the gel, which is more important from an economic point of view. There are other factors that affect gel injections that we will address.

Today, there are different types of gels and fillers to highlight the cheeks, and it is possible to inject geoderm gel into the cheeks. The use of these gels is one of the most widely used methods to replace the size and volume of extinct and enlarged species. In the cheek highlighting process with gel injection, the amount of gel required for each patient is different and depends on the amount of volume lost and the size of the patient’s desired cheek.

Some types of injectable gels are injected in very small amounts under the skin of the treated area. These types of gels fill in the lines of wrinkles and make the skin of the treated area softer, fresher and firmer. Depending on the type of gel chosen, the final result may last 6 to 24 months. Some types of gels used for deeper injections may help replace lost collagen. Deciding on the type of gel you choose depends on the characteristics of your face, and the evaluation and selection of the type of gel should be done by your doctor. Lasting results can be achieved by performing four sessions of gel injections, which are usually adjusted once every three weeks. The result can last for more than two years.

Cheek gel injection – Cheek highlighting and shaping with gel injection

Do you feel that your cheeks are flat from the lower cheekbones? Which has disappeared over the years due to aging. As we age, we lose the appearance of fat on the cheekbones, which, due to very loose skin, leads to chin dimples, ugly appearance, dimples under the eyes, and prominent wrinkles on the lips and Becomes the nose. In fact, many Asians lose the average size of their cheeks as the first sign of aging, but until the more advanced stages of aging are manifested, do not wait until it is too late!

You can solve this problem by modifying the cheek gel injection. Only 2-3 cc of injection is needed for each species to fill and volume the gel. This procedure takes about 30 minutes. Hyaluronic acid is one of the best choices for gel injections.

The benefits of gel injections are not sufficiently explained. Cheeks are just a small area on the face, but a simple volume injection gel on the cheeks immediately not only improves the cheeks for a more youthful appearance, but also reduces and improves wrinkles on the nose (laugh lines). And reduces the appearance of eye bags and bumps under the eyes. It is a myth that cheek gel injections make someone look like someone else. As long as the gel is not injected too much, the effect can be very natural and aesthetically pleasing.

How many types of gel injections are there?

In summary, gel injections can be classified as temporary, semi-permanent and permanent gel injections. Our favorite is hyaluronic acid (HA) which is a temporary gel injection with a lifespan of between 9-12 months. It is made of the glycosaminoglycan polysaccharide and is not only found naturally in the body in the form of extracellular matrices – it is also chemically the same in all species and therefore very unlikely to produce antibodies, that is, less likely. It can cause bad immune reactions. In other words, it is very safe. There are many other brands on the market that are of good quality. Be sure to discuss this with your doctor.

There are other types of gel injections that are not based on hyaluronic acid, such as poly-L-lactic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite, and polycaprolactone. They basically work with an initial volumetric effect with another advantage of stimulating collagen synthesis wherever they are located. This helps to increase the effect of increasing their volume in the medium term, so you may have to wait a while for the full effect. However, they may not necessarily be longer than the current type, the new type of hyaluronic acid gel injection. An alternative would be to choose a more viscous hyaluronic acid product, one that your doctor can recommend.

Semi-permanent gel injections have a long shelf life. Examples include polyacrylamide gels (ie plastics) and liquid silicon, which have the longest shelf life of injectable gels. This can last for many years. It can most likely cause complications such as lumps and sores.

Why is my nose bruised after injecting gel with hyaluronic acid?

If it is not bruising, it may be due to the Tyndall effect, which occurs after the injection of hyaluronic acid, which is done too superficially so that it shows through the skin, while it has a purple color that is easily Does not hide with makeup. However, this does not often happen and can be prevented by putting the gel injection in the right direction. Today, injections of improved new gels rarely produce the Tyndall effect.

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