Types of Hot Tub Chemicals You Should Know

No matter whether you soak yourself in the hot tub to alleviate stress, to enjoy a pool party with your friends or spend romantic moments with your partner in the hot tub, you should always make sure that the water stays safe and disinfected. Soaking in a hot tub spa might melt down your stress and anxiety but it won’t keep you away from the bacteria, algae and other harmful invaders. Therefore, you should always have hot tub chemicals with you that provide you sterile and germ-free spa. Here are the following types of water sanitizers that should be your must-have hot tub spa supplies:


Bromine is one of the most popular sanitizers for one reason – it doesn’t oxidize. It simply ionizes contaminates which further breaks them into the molecular level. As a result, it doesn’t emit a foul smell and hence, keep the water balanced.


Chlorine is another remarkable sanitizer that can effectively kill contaminants present in the water. It can easily dissolve in the water and eradicate algae and viruses present in the water.


Do you want to maintain the pH level in the water and quickly destroy pollutants that are present in the water? Then, you need to have the premium hot tub supply-shock. It is a soluble sanitizer that helps to purify the water effectively.

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