Types of Meniscus Tears And Treatment Options

A meniscus tear is a common injury among players who play contact sports. Putting pressure on the knee joint can also lead to the tear. Activities like squatting to pick something up and getting in and out the car may need to apply pressure on the knee. Thus, meniscus tear chance increases. The type of tear is not always painful, but it can cause instability and swelling in the knee. You may need to consult a doctor.

Types of Meniscus Tear

The tear is further divided into two categories looking at the condition.

Acute Trauma

Young athletes suffer from an acute trauma. During injury, you may hear a popping sound with some other symptoms like locking of the joint, joint pain, and swelling.

Degenerative Tear

It develops because of applying stress repeatedly on the knee. A degenerative tear occurs over time. The type of tear affects middle-aged people.

Treatment Options

Looking at the condition of the tear, an orthopaedic specialist suggests the best treatment. The approach of the treatment includes some exercises to enhance strength and stability. Quadriceps setting, mini-squats, straight leg raise, hamstring heel digs, leg extensions, and hamstring curls are some recommended exercises.

Some exercises are avoided because they can put much pressure on the already unstable knee such as pivoting, twisting, and deep squatting.

Acute traumatic tears need surgical repairing. Arthroscopic meniscus is an outpatient surgical treatment to repair knee cartilage. It is a minimally invasive surgery to repair a torn meniscus. If the tear location is on the inner age of your meniscus where there is no blood flow, the damaged tissue is removed. The type of treatment is an arthroscopic meniscectomy. It is important to consult an experienced and the best arthroscopy surgeon in Delhi to discuss your case with him. He or she would suggest the best treatment.

A meniscus tear can heal without treatment, but an acute tear needs consultation to the specialist. Extreme swelling, pain, and knee buckling are some conditions when one must see a doctor. The recovery time may vary based on the severity of the injury. According to experts, the type of tear improves within four to six weeks after injury. If it requires surgery, the recover duration takes longer. Discuss with your doctor to learn more about the tear and its recovery.

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