Types of Nangs in Melbourne

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Nangs are canisters filled with odorless gas. They are commonly known as laughing gas and are used by dentists to create anesthetics during dental procedures. They are also used by bakers in the process of whipping cream. Although a few Australians have died after taking nitrous oxide, it is rare. However, one man in Melbourne died after inhaling the gas on his own, Aaron McDonald. Aaron was only 22 years old when he died. Jess Cochran believes that the dealers who sold nitrous oxide had blood on their hands.

Nitrous Oxide

If you are looking to buy nitrous oxide in Melbourne, several options exist. While nitrous oxide is not considered a high-risk drug, it has severe consequences for people who misuse it. In fact, the NSW Government recently committed $231.6 million towards prevention, early intervention, and treatment of nitrous oxide abuse.

Nitrous oxide was first introduced in the United Kingdom in the early 1980s and has since become a controversial drug in the UK. It was found that 7.6 percent of 16 to 24-year-olds had used the drug at some point, and police in London are concerned about its recreational use. The drug is widely available on the street and can be purchased for $9 in balloons or canisters. Dr. Bartone said Melbourne should follow London’s lead in making it more accessible.

Although nitrous oxide is widely used in Australia for pain and general anesthesia treatment, it can have dangerous side effects when abused or misused. The Australian Drug Foundation warns that the substance, also known as a “nang,” is used by individuals looking for a high. When consumed in large amounts, it can cause loss of blood pressure, fainting, heart attacks, and death.

Whipped Cream Chargers

You have a few options when looking for cream chargers in Melbourne. You can find a wide range of them at Nangs Delivery. The store offers same-day delivery and has many different brands of cream chargers for sale. The company also provides a low delivery fee.

The chargers come in many different sizes and styles and can be used with various brands of whipped cream. It is essential to find the correct charger for the specific brand you plan to purchase, though. You can find the best charger for your needs by reading the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you’re planning on buying whip cream chargers in Melbourne, you can visit Nangstuff. It is a Melbourne cream charger delivery service that stocks various cream whipping equipment and can deliver them within an hour. You can also shop for nitrous oxide cream dispensers online or for local stores selling chargers.


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Australia is one of the most well-known marketplaces for nangs. They are gaining in popularity and reputation due to their high-quality food-grade stuff. Currently, the nangs industry in Melbourne is becoming more diverse, with a rising number of communities, dimensions, and manufacturing processes providing canisters. Nangstuff is regarded as one of Melbourne’s leading nangs delivery companies.

To use our site to place an order, you should be at least 18 years old or more. As we at Nangstuff do not support the illegal usage of Nitrous Oxide. Place your order right away to get your nangs delivered to your doorstep.

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